Military Frames Handcrafted in the USA Recognize All Branches of the Military

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Certificate Frames, New Color Enamel Seal Medallions, and More

Our Marines, Coast Guardsmen, Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen of the United States Military work endless hours to keep our country protected and cared for. They work in conjunction with each other. They maintain our freedom. We appreciate all they do!

All five branches of the military are represented on Church Hill Classics’ website with officially licensed certificate frames and display cases. There’s a lot to see. Roger that.

One of the most recent additions to the military collection is the custom-minted Masterpiece medallions. Each of the military seal medallions is enhanced with color enamel accents. They are well done or Bravo Zulu in navy speak! Frames and desk accessories feature this outstanding Masterpiece medallion.

Take a close up look…

United States Air Force Certificate Frames and Gifts United States Army Certificate and Gifts United States Marine Corps Certificate Frames and Gifts
View the U.S. Marine Corps Certificate Frames

United States Navy Certificate Frames and Gifts United States Coast Guard - Masterpiece Medallion United States Coast Guard - Masterpiece Medallion

USA-made Certificate Frames

Certificate frames are handcrafted in the USA and are made of solid hardwood with museum-quality matting protection. A selection of frames are made with 100% recycled American wood and acid-free matting. Frames are embossed with the specific, official military branch name.

All of the military web pages are set up with frame customization choices, flag cases, and medal frames, desk accessories, and photo frames.

U.S. Air Force

Airmen join the U.S. Air Force for many reasons. The end result is men and women who are dedicated to protecting this country. To acknowledge their successes, a frame page with 25 unique, custom certificate frames are available. There are three different certificate sizes for each of the frames. One, like the Masterpiece Medallion Certificate Frame in Kensington Gold, is shown with navy and gold mats, but can be customized with a number of frame mouldings and matting choices. That’s something to be spooled up about (like plane engines)!

United States Air Force Masterpiece Medallion Certificate Frames United States Air Force Silver Embossed Certificate Frame in Sutton with Navy Mat

U.S. Army

Currently active U.S. Army soldiers train to be physically fit, with a uniform that is sharp and neat. Veterans, of course, have had that training too. Their certificates, including Honorable Discharge Certificates, can be “squared away” as well. In framing a certificate, documents will be preserved and safe because matting is “conservation quality” lignin-free and 100% acid free. Besides the Masterpiece medallion, frames also feature a gold engraved medallion or an embossing of the Army seal on mat choices, which include Williamsburg green, Williamsburg green suede, black, and black suede with a gold inner accent mat.

United States Army Gold Engraved Medallion Certificate Frame in Hampshire with Black and Gold Mats United States Army Gold Embossed Certificate Frame in Gallery with Williamsburg green mats

U.S. Marine Corps

“Once a Marine, Always a Marine,” is a phrase that captures the discipline and camaraderie that marines earn in their service to the United States and always retain. One of the most popular items on the United States Marine Corps’ certificate page is their Masterpiece Medallion Certificate Frame in Kensington Gold. Other items of choice include the Masterpiece Medallion Paperweight and the Lasting Memories Circle Logo Photo Frame. As the Marines say, Oorah!

United States Marine Corps Masterpiece Medallion in Kensington Gold United States Marine Corps Gold Embossed Certificate Frame in Murano with Black Mats

U.S. Navy

The mission of the U.S. Navy “is to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas.” The women and men of our Navy also provide humanitarian assistance and fulfill peacekeeping duties. We have explicitly created frames for the U.S. Navy including the “Lone Sailor” Commemorative frame and The Chief Petty Officer’s Creed. Of course, customizable certificate frames for a single document or a double document can be found here.

Lone Sailor Commemorative Frame in Cambridge with Navy Mat The Chief Petty Officer Creed in Cambridge with Navy Mat

U.S. Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard is the oldest maritime service. In 2012, there were over 43,000 active duty members and over 8,000 reservists. Medals are presented when a member of the Coast Guard is cited for heroism, distinguished service, merit, and excellence. Certificate frames fit this need with a medal display area. Separate medal display cases are also available.

United States Coast Guard Medal Display Certificate Frame in Newport with Navy Mat United States Coast Guard Medal Display Certificate Frame in Newport with Black Mat

What’s Coming Soon

Presently, we are in the process of obtaining a license to produce frames and gifts featuring the official seal for the following military branches:

U.S. soldiers say Tango Mike (Thanks Much). Well, Tango Mike! A big THANK YOU to each member of our military for all you do for all of us!

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