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With an extensive line of United States Coast Guard logo products featuring the US Coast Guard emblem and branch name, we offer a range of price points and styles to suit just the right occasion.

Thank you for protecting our country!
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US Coast Guard Certification Frames

What does the US Coast Guard do? Semper Paratus! They're "always ready," so make sure you're ready to shower them with an appreciation for their hard work. With paperweights, shadow boxes, and picture frames featuring the US Coast Guard emblem and branch name, you'll find the perfect gift. Those who volunteer their services to the US Coast Guard Auxiliary or who work their hardest in the US Coast Guard Special Forces will particularly appreciate the recognition.

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Not everyone knows the path they were destined to take but if there's one thing you know, it's how to be in the US Coast Guard. There are a variety of certificates and commendations that are worth framing. For example, US Coast Guard vessel documentation might be of particular interest to the military collector or to a family member serving as a US Coast Guard commander. A birthday present or going away gift featuring the United States Coast Guard emblem that's handcrafted here in the USA is something to celebrate.

Coast Guard Gift & Frame FAQs

Of course! All of our products are 100% officially licensed and approved by the US Coast Guard!
For that particular US Coast Guard documentation, we carry specially designed frames. You can check out our displays for Coast Guard discharge papers by using the filter feature.
What sets our flag cases apart from the rest? You can choose memorial display cases featuring a US Military Coast Guard medallion plus personalized nameplate or traditional military flag holders with your choice of three lines of engraved text.
Your medals and decorations represent your commendations, your resilience and determination, and are a reflection of your US Coast Guard locations and the memories you've made along the way. They deserve a place of honor in a USCG shadow box frame for embody the answer to the question, what is the US Coast Guard.
Yes, we do. This page is strictly for our US Coast Guard product offerings, but you will find specific United States Coast Guard Academy graduation gifts by searching our site.