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Double Diploma Frame

Our double diploma frame features two openings to display either two diplomas or a diploma and a certificate or honors award. It is a perfect solution if you have two degrees, perhaps a Bachelor’s and a Master’s or Ph.D., or a diploma and an award that you want to present together. The double diploma frame allows for a compact and professional presentation of your important credentials. This style works best when the two documents are similar in size.

Each of our double diploma frames is designed to accommodate your specific documents, and will be custom-made to assure a professional presentation. Our double document frames are crafted with archival-quality mounting, matting, and backing materials. We offer the option of custom embossing of the school name for many institutions, or the choice of the academic or other seals and special designations such as “Magna Cum Laude” or “Class of 2016” as enhancements.

Vertical Double Document

Double diploma frame for 2 vertical documents

Double Document Horizontal

Double diploma frame for 2 horizontal documents

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Search for your school name below. If we don't offer a double diploma frame for your school and you are interested in one, please email us or call us at 800-477-9005. We will work with you to design a double opening frame specifically for your diploma or other document sizes.

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Design a custom Double Diploma Frame

Visit our Design Your Frame page to create a custom double diploma frame, embossed with one of our popular insignias and your graduation year.