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What Is an Honorable Discharge Certificate Frame?

When a service person successfully completes their term of duty in a specific U.S. military branch, he or she receives an official acknowledgment from the U.S. Department of Defense as a testimonial of their honorable and faithful military service. An honorable discharge certificate Army issued and signed, for example, would indicate that the soldier nobly completed his or her active duty service in the Armed Forces of the United States.

This is a major milestone, and that's why framing something as amazing as your USMC honorable discharge certificate is so important. Let's say you successfully complete your U.S. Navy term of duty and just landed your first job as a civilian. An honorable discharge certificate Navy endorsed hanging on your office wall reminds employers why they hired you and indicates to clients that you are a successful leader and hard worker.

Honorable discharge documents are an important part of your military personnel records. While you want to display them, you should also take care to protect them from damage caused by dirt, dust, and wandering fingers. That's why an honorable discharge certificate frame is a must for retired service members. 

A personalized honorable discharge certificate frame is a meaningful retirement gift for the veteran in your life. We offer honorable discharge frames for the US Army, Coast Guard, Navy, and more. Easily browse our selection of honorable discharge frames by branch.

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Shopping our honorable discharge frame offerings is simple. You can either choose an unimprinted certificate frame featuring a navy, black, or green mat or shop by a specific U.S. Military branch. For example, all of our branded military frames include the distinguished seal and official name of the U.S. Armed Forces. We offer Navy discharge certificate frames, Army discharge certificate frames, and more. Easily find your branch of service and find a custom frame to commemorate your service.

Honorable Discharge Certificate Gifts

You can choose a US Army Honorable Discharge Certificate display that features an American eagle and our nation's flag. Or, present a Marine Corps honorable discharge certificate frame as a congratulatory gift on a job well done.

An honorable discharge certificate frame makes a great gift for veterans. If you don't know where to start when searching for the perfect frame, you can't go wrong with customer favorites. Check out our most popular military discharge frame , which includes an engravable nameplate and makes a terrific Veteran's Day or Military Appreciation Month gift! 

If you're looking for more military-inspired gifts, check out our Military Medal Display Cases and Frames. Our selection shadow boxes are perfect for showcasing military awards and medals and make the perfect complement to a personalized honorable discharge certificate frame. Order both at the same time and gift your veteran with a cohesive wall display.

Honorable Discharge Certificate FAQs

An honorable discharge indicates that a serviceperson has met or exceeded U.S. military standards of conduct and has faithfully served our great nation with distinction. An honorable discharge also indicates that you are eligible for Veteran's Association benefits and healthcare. Framing your honorable discharge certificate on your wall is a daily reminder of your hard work, perseverance, and dedication to tasks no matter how big or small. Displaying this milestone achievement in your office reminds coworkers, clients, and bosses why you were hired in the first place. Show off your credentials with pride while protecting them for decades to come.
Typically, you should expect your Honorable Discharge to be mailed or faxed to your home within 90 days of your ETS date. However, if you did not receive your document in the mail, you can request it be mailed (certified) to your home of record within 90 days of your ETS date along with your DD form -214. If this is not the case, you can go to www.archives.gov and put in a request for any military documentation or archived records you require, but it will take some time (30-90 days). While you wait for your honorable discharge certificate to arrive, you can start shopping for your favorite honorable discharge frame style now!
Whether a US Navy honorable discharge certificate frame or a display holder for an Air Force honorable discharge certificate, all of these specialty military frames fit 8.5 x 11 inch documents. Before ordering your military frame, double-check the certificate size to ensure it's a match for your frame. If you need to customize your frame dimensions to fit your specific document, just call us toll-free at 800-477-9005 to speak directly to a customer service representative. We'll be sure you get the exact frame you need so you can have your documents displayed in no time.
If you need to obtain a copy of honorable discharge certificate records or any military document that was pertinent to your service, you can access your military records online at the National Archives at the https://www.archives.gov/veterans website address. The https://www.va.gov website is also another site that can tell you how to get a copy of honorable discharge certificate forms for yourself or records of deceased family members who served in the U.S. military. Once you receive your replacement, we'd be honored to frame it!
Of course you can frame your honorable discharge certificate from the army. ! Check out our line of United States Army Honorable Discharge Frames. These officially branded custom frames include the US Army seal and name in gold embossing. Whether you're looking for a stylish wooden frame with a personalized gold nameplate, an Army discharge frame with custom mat and moulding options, or a US Army document frame with a panoramic photo of the American flag, you'll find the perfect honorable discharge certificate frame.
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