Challenge Coin Display Holders

Thank you for protecting our country!
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How Others Framed Their Challenge Coins Display Holders Gift

What is a Challenge Coin Display?

Military challenge coins recognize the outstanding service of our nation's veterans and active duty members. They are also used as rewards from unit leaders to boost morale and congratulate military personnel for a job well done. Featuring the official insignias of each U.S. branch—like Navy challenge coins, Air Force challenge coins, or Army challenge coins—these hard-earned military coins should be displayed with honor in the recipient's home or office. Our beautifully crafted military coin holder is made with solid walnut American hardwood and available with either four handcarved rows (to display up to 28 army coins, for example) or six distinct rows to fit up to 48 USMC challenge coins. Best of all, you can personalize this unique gift with the recipient's name, military branch, and their service dates on the included gold nameplate, which we will engrave for free. A customized coin collection holder makes the perfect military retirement gift!

Coin Display Case & Rack Ideas

However, this versatile USA-made product isn't just for Air Force challenge coins, Navy coins, and the like. Think about the first responders in your life who are receiving commendations for their hard work on the frontlines. An arrangement of their police challenge coins, EMS challenge coins, or firefighter challenge coins on their desk is a daily reminder and confidence booster of why they chose their profession in the first place. No need to be limited by your challenge coin design ideas! If you have loved ones who collect medallions based on their personal interests, professional affiliations, or as vacation souvenirs, they can mix and match an Armor of God coin, a Disney challenge coin, a presidential challenge coin, a space force coin, Harley Davidson challenge coin, and so on. If you don't have a large collection to display, we do offer a challenge coin display case featuring an opening for a document, photo, and three medallion or military coin display bevel-cut openings.

Challenge Coin Holder FAQs

You may choose to showcase your collection in one of our challenge coin rack products or in our archival-quality military coin display case. Our 100% hardwood four-row racks hold 28 coins while our six-row version hold 48 coins. Our three-coin display frame includes a full-color panoramic photo of the Pentagon along with room for displaying a military document. Whatever you choose, our 120-day return policy means you can shop worry-free!
No, there are no challenge coin rules—display your prized collection your way in your signature style! While the U.S. Military has a rich and long-standing challenge coin history, customers have used our medallion stands to show off their NYPD challenge coins, marathon medallions, FBI challenge coins, St. Michael coins, and so much more.
Our challenge coin holders and die-cut openings comfortably fit medallions that are 1.75-2 inches wide with a .25 inch thickness. Our coin display stand is also customizable with a personalized engraved plate option, which our custom-crafted military document frame features a panoramic photo, a document opening, and a trio of bevel-cut circular openings for individual command coins.
A challenge coin features an organization's official seal or branded logo and is given for membership purposes, in recognition of exemplary service, or to commemorate goal completions. Historically given to military personnel, our holders have been used to acknowledge 12-step recovery milestones with AA coin displays, for displaying law enforcement challenge coins, and fun and sought-after items like Star Wars challenge coin collectibles.
No, we do not have challenge coins for sale nor are they included in the coin display box we ship to you. If you are interested in buying custom coins or medallions, please contact an officially licensed challenge coin maker or reputable online challenge coin company.