Back to School – Part One

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By Clarice Diavua, marketing intern

It’s Not So Bad!

All summer long, you got the chance to go to the movies with your friends and talk about how great The Karate Kid was, and the anticipation for Eclipse alone made you feel perfectly happy. You went to cookouts with family, hung out at the beach to get a tan, played some volleyball or took soothing walks just to enjoy the weather. What would summer be without going to an amusement park like Six Flags or a little trip sightseeing to create memories!! Now that you have reminisced on how good the summer was to you, it’s time to think about the one thing people dread thinking about and that is…Going Back to School!!!
Going back to school after having so much fun could be a bit of a drag, but if you get prepared for going back to school, there are much more positive things about it than you think. So instead of procrastinating, get ready for school and embrace it! How can you enjoy going back to school? Well here are some tips to all students (regardless of age) to have fun with the idea:

  • When shopping for school supplies, play a game with your siblings or your friends (See who can find all of their school supplies first; that is what my siblings and I would do).
  • When you shop for school clothes, instead of just getting random clothing, try to coordinate outfits and look for good prices (I’m sure your parents will appreciate that part!).
  • Get your class schedule and look over your classes and think about how you will approach the curriculum in order to start school off right without the stress.

Those are only a few tips but there’s plenty more where these ideas came from. All you need to do is get creative and think outside of the box. Although there are some things all students can prepare for in general, we all know that each grade is different in getting ready for school.


Kindergarten through 8th grade

When you are young, you will want a cool lunch box/bag and the notebooks that have your favorite cartoon character on it (or decorate your own notebooks)! As you grow and go on to higher grades, making friends and having good ones is more important to you than what is on your notebook. Regular supplies (pens, paper, crayons, glue, and notebooks) are good enough to satisfy you; oh, and your favorite cartoon shoes of course!


High School (9-12th grade)



When students get to high school, there is a different feel in the air from elementary and middle school. There is much more peer pressure and work to do. Some students feel that they have to obtain an image to even be accepted in high school.
When preparing to go back to school, make sure you are very organized. With different classes that usually last about 45 minutes back to back, you have a lot of material to obtain. To make sure you take good notes, it’s very helpful to have a good supply of pens, pencils, and highlighters. Some teachers even specify what type of supplies they want you to use in their class, so getting general items such as pens, notebooks, and binders are good, but take into account what your teacher wants too (dividers for your binder, colored pencils…)



When it comes to a social life, of course you want to look your best!! Remember to look YOUR best, not everyone else’s best, you have to be your own person. Shop for clothes and sneakers that are comfortable and you feel good in since you will be in the outfit for the entire school day. You also want to think ahead about taking up a sport or a club. There are so many after school activities to choose from – from running track to joining the National Honor Society. Make sure the activity is something that you will enjoy doing.
Now, you are ready to go back to school!

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