Church Hill Classics 2010 Company Picnic

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By Melanie Kondor

Mother Nature was kind enough to grant us some sun, much less humidity, and no rain last Thursday, making it the perfect day for our 2010 company picnic here at Church Hill Classics!

Leading up to this big event, there was a TON of planning, discussions, and brainstorming of ideas that went into our picnic. All the weeks of prepping (and hoping for nice weather) paid off in full. Our picnic had all of the fixings: snow cones, a hot dog stand, watermelon, plenty of desserts, a variety of homemade salads and side dishes.

Plus, there was a wonderful mix of planned games such as a scavenger hunt, BINGO, and even a hot dog eating contest, along with impromptu games of volleyball, bocce, and badminton! This picnic was a great way to provide employee incentive to continue all of the dedication and hard work that goes into each day here at CHC.

We started off the afternoon with some words from Church Hill Classics’ president, Lucie Voves. She presented the company with an anniversary frame to acknowledge employees who have been with the company for special anniversaries of five, ten, and fifteen years. Each employee’s name and their specific anniversary was engraved on gold plates and set in a royal blue suede mat.

Owner, Lucie Voves, presenting employee anniversary frame

Next, we enjoyed our first ever hot dog eating contest, sponsored by Lucky Dog Hot Dogs. Our contenders included vice president, Joe Voves, and two other determined employees, Mark Harris, Purchasing Agent and Ricky DaSilva, Warehouse Coordinator. Just before the contest began, employees were given stickers to cheer for Team Joe, Team Mark, or Team Ricky.


Left to Right: Joe Voves, Mark Harris, Ricky DaSilva


Mark and his Hot Dog Champion Belt

The cheers were loud and boisterous, as each contestant tried to finish off as many hot dogs as they could within 3 minutes. Mark had just enough motivation (and appetite) to scarf down five hot dogs! He was awarded a champion’s certificate and belt, a $25 gift card of his choice, along with two tubes of Rolaids (you would think he might need it after eating 5 hot dogs!) for the grand prize! Joe and Ricky each received a Starbucks gift card for a cup of coffee, a certificate of recognition, and of course, they received a tube of Rolaids!

Lunch followed for everyone else as we got in line for a hot dog with toppings of our choice, and filled our plates with other tasty food. We lounged around outside on the grassy areas and in the closed-off parking lot.


Lining up for Lucky Dog Hot Dogs! There I am, at the front of the line!

After lunch, employees participated in two rounds of customized Bingo. Christine Bedder incorporated Church Hill Classics product and company related words on the Bingo cards such as Lasting Memories, Cambridge, Sierra, Mike Sullivan, and to make the game more tailored for us. We had several excited winners.

Then, it was time to start our scavenger hunt! This was the biggest challenge of the day (second only to the hot dog eating contest). We worked in nine teams and scoured the grounds outside of CHC to find the items on our lists. Most items were nature-related, such as a pine needle or a feather; others were subjective, such as “something white” or “something shiny.” Gwen Pierleoni and Lauren Miller also hid unexpected items (nine each) from past Fall Promotions for their college bookstore partners – a bobble head holding a frame and a panda wearing a CHC T-shirt!

We ran around outside for half an hour finding the random odds and ends on our lists, and in the end, the winning team was Robin Schultz, Cindy Halwick, Judy Parillo, Mark Harris, and Lucie Voves! Well done!

To complete the afternoon, we were scheduled to have a water balloon toss… this didn’t work out as planned, but turned out to be so much fun anyway! There were water balloons flying everywhere! This, along with a bunch of water pistols and some ice from the snow cone machine, was a great way to cool off after running around during the scavenger hunt.


It was a fantastic, fun-filled day for everyone here at CHC. There was a ton of delicious food, lots of fun games and excitement, and a bunch of great people. Our 2010 company picnic was a huge success and was well-worth all of the planning and preparation that our wonderful Employee Appreciation Committee (Elizabeth Barnes, Christine Bedder, Karen Valenti, Lexi Puskas, Karen Tabor, Helen Taylor, Gwen Pierleoni, Jessica Joram, Caroline Corbett, and Lauren Miller) put into it.


Some members of the employee appreciation committee
Left to Right: Helen Taylor, Gwen Pierleoni, Lauren Miller, Elizabeth Barnes

We only hope that next year’s picnic will go as well as this one did (especially the weather)!

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