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Is your resume following the guidelines of the Three S’s in order to attract new hiring managers? Many managers are very busy and do not have time to go through your resume so if they see one that is full of mistakes it is safe to say that it is not receiving much consideration. Pongo Resume is a fast and easy way to construct a resume that will impress anyone. Their secret is that applicants excel in the Three S’s: Style, Substance and Spelling.

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Pongo makes it easy to have great style in your resume. They let you know how the margins should look and what fonts and sizes are acceptable with their built in layouts.

Having substance in a resume is a necessity for attracting attention. Pongo advises, “A resume with substance gives the reader an idea of your essential nature as an employee, and reveals the gist or the heart of who you are, what you can do, and what you have accomplished.” Pongo allows you to look at sample phrases and refer to tips and advice while you are constructing your resume.


Pongo finishes off the resume writing experience with their spell check to ensure that even the littlest detail is detected. There is no faster way to have your resume end up in the garbage than with spelling errors.

Writing a resume can be difficult. At times, questions will arise that you need an answer to right away. That is why Pongo also offers live chat. This feature gives instant answers and support, as well as helps take the stress out of resume writing. For questions that don’t need an instant answer they also offer email.

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