Graduation – yikes!

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A Special Guest Blog Post From Brittany Livingston. Brittany is one of our Spring 2010 Marketing Interns.


It’s almost time for those lucky seniors to get to experience the real world after college. For me, being a month away from graduating college is a scary experience! There are big decisions ahead of all of us graduating seniors: law school, med school, masters, starting a family, or beginning a career. All of them will be a big change. I’d like to give you some tips about getting ready for graduation and about what to expect after.

Getting ready for graduation:

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    Do not let one little credit stop you from graduating with your class. Check with your advisor or registrar’s office to make sure you are good to go!

  2. Take your senior pictures! Trust me, your parents will want them.
  3. Don’t slack off your last semester! Classes are tough in your last semester and you will more than likely have a project or paper that you could show a possible employer.
  4. Order your cap and gown!! You have worked hard for 4 years, (maybe 5, 6, 7, or 8 years) but you should certainly walk with your class. It’s a once in a lifetime experience!
  5. Don’t let your diploma just sit in the back of your closet…order your diploma frame!

This is the diploma frame I picked out for myself:

Western Connecticut State University Diploma Frame

What to expect after:

  1. It’s not too late to follow your dreams. If you have started your job search and nothing seems to be falling into your lap, don’t get discouraged!!
  2. Networking is key! Who you know might surprise you, and they could be the connection to landing the perfect job.
  3. Things might get difficult at times, but you have to stay calm and focus.
  4. Don’t narrow your job search too much; stay open to new possibilities!

Graduation is a day that you will remember all your life, and it opens up tons of possibilities for you. So, stay positive and open, and put your degree to good use!

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