College Colors Day – It’s Time to Pledge Your Allegiance to Your Favorite College/ University

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It’s back! I am not just talking about college football. College Colors Day is on its way on August 31st! For the month of August, colleges and universities try to amp up their fans to increase their school spirit. With most students returning to college for their fall semester, College Colors Day will be a perfect way to raise fans’ spirits. Plus, you get to see which colleges and/or universities have the most loyal fan base. So, ‘Pledge Your Allegiance’ to your favorite college football team!

What is College Colors Day?

On this day, fans get to wear their favorite college or university apparel and celebrate their schools football season. This viral competition has over 165 participating colleges and universities. Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) created College Colors Day in 2005.
Catherine Gammon, Senior Vice President- Brand Development, The Collegiate Licensing Company, a division of IMG College, was quoted in CLC’s online Company News about how excited CLC is about the upcoming College Colors Day. It’s the first time ever that will show College Colors Day spirit rivalry competition.
The Company News quoted Ms. Gammon, “We encourage all fans to cast their pledge and spread the word with fellow fans to ensure their favorite school is crowned the winner of the College Colors Day Spirit Cup.”
This is a day where fans can be creative and show off their pride for their favorite college or university! A day when no one can judge them for painting their face and body with their college/university colors or dressing head to toe in their college/university gear.


The current standings in the competition are tracked nationally and by conference powered by ESPN. Anyone who signs up and pledges their support for their college or university will be entered to win a weekly $50 gift card to There are four winners a week making it a grand total of 20 winners at the end of the competition.
The weekly winners are determined by how many ‘likes’ they receive on College Colors Day Facebook’s page and College Colors Day’s staff. The two grand prize pledge winners get a $500 shopping spree.
The winning college or university will receive $10,000 towards the college’s or university’s general scholarship fund. Along with receiving money, they will be crowned winner of the College Colors Day Spirit Cup.
Get into the spirit of things and hop online and vote for your favorite college or university. Grab your gear and get ready to celebrate!

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