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Graduating from college is a huge achievement that took years of hard work and dedication. Finally, you’ve made it through the tough classes and long nights and you’re opening new doors for great career opportunities. Your diploma means a lot to you and your family, so it’s important you show it off properly!

From traditional to modern, there are many frames you can pick from. When it comes to displaying one of your biggest achievements for everyone to see, not just any diploma frame will do. Be sure to select archival-quality college diploma frames that are guaranteed to protect and preserve your hard-earned accomplishments for years to come. There are many places you can hang your diploma, from your office space to your family room. To help you get started, here are six ideas for where to hang diplomas in your home.

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1.) Your Office

The office is probably the most popular place to display a diploma. It’s a perfect place to add a frame. Hanging your diploma over your desk can help you make a big statement and bring purpose to your everyday work. Try to hang your diploma away from your computer monitor or other large item that could get in the way – you want your hard work to stand out!

Now that more and more people are working remotely from their home office, adding your diploma to this space is a great way to let your personality shine and still create a productive work environment. For example, if you’re shopping for a modern-looking NCSU diploma frame, add a piece of art along with a professional license, company award, or even a US military frame.

You can choose a location by the entrance or somewhere that all your clients, patients, or customers can see. This is particularly important when it comes to medical diploma frames. Putting your credentials on display for clients reaffirms their confidence in your qualifications.

Western Michigan University tassel frame above fireplace

2.) Your Living Room

Another idea for where to hang your diploma in your home is your living room. Frame displays in your living room can serve as the perfect centerpiece. Consider hanging your diploma over the fireplace or couch, or anywhere on the way that you need to fill the space.

Your living room is an area where you share experiences with family and friends, and your diploma will add a treasured memory to the space. It can help the room feel more cozy and personal, and reflect your style. Plus, it’ll serve as a nice reminder of how hard you worked to get here.

Indiana University diploma frame hanging on wall display

3.) A Photo Wall

A photo wall is a great place to showcase personal frames and accent pieces. Why not hang your diploma here as well? A photo wall can be displayed in your family room, game room, or wherever you like to gather with friends and family. If you’re a Hoosiers fan, you’ll love our Indiana University diploma frame featuring an officially licensed IU Spirit Medallion and black and crimson mats with sporty bevel-cut borders. Design companion photo frames in mouldings to match your degree frame for a winning look!

Consider a mix of treasured memories: college team photos, candids from a wedding, vacation shots, family portraits, and any images that bring a smile to your face. Whether or not these photos are connected to your college degree, it is a collection of memories that have significance to you, which is the most important part.

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4.) Your Main Hallway

Not sure how to frame your diploma or where? Empty walls in entryways and hallways can often be overlooked, but they are an excellent place to make a great first impression. College diploma frames along hallways can create a welcoming environment for all of your guests that pass through. You can also set the tone for your interior design and decorating style by placing a high-quality frame here.

Be sure to hang your diploma at the right height to get the most benefits out of transforming your space. Keeping your diploma frame at eye level makes it effortless for all who pass by to view your achievement. This way, they never have to crane their necks and look up or down to find it. As a helpful tip, hang pictures around 60 inches from the floor in the rooms that get a lot of foot traffic.

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5.) Above Furniture

Another idea to hang your diploma is above furniture in any room. In rooms where you tend to sit down, you’ll have a lower viewing angle, so it’s best to try to hang your diploma about a foot above the piece of furniture. Custom frames featuring vibrant suede mats, like our UT Austin diploma frame, can add exciting and colorful counterpoints to the decor. Sit in a chair nearby and get someone to hold the diploma frame in place on the wall to get a feel for where the best spot is.

diploma frames hanging along staircase wall

6.) Along a Staircase Wall

Lastly, consider hanging your diploma along a staircase wall in your home. The stairway is the perfect place for hanging a college diploma frame because it’s a plain wall that’s typically overlooked in terms of decoration space. This location is also perfect for personal photo frames, your favorite artwork, or other decorative elements.

As mentioned above, it’s best to hang the diploma frame about 60 inches from the floor, since the staircase is a place where you tend to stand. This may seem more complicated than other walls in your home, so many people find it helpful to make a small mark on the wall at the midpoint of the handrail at the desired height. By doing this, you can easily create a cohesive look for your staircase wall.

Start Framing Your Diploma Today!

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