Tree planted to honor UConn School of Law Professor Emeritus

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School of Law has come a long way

University of Connecticut School of Law Seal

Oak leaves on UConn School of Law seal

University of Connecticut School of Law Facebook and Twitter pages were bursting with photos of a tree dedication held recently to honor Professor Emeritus Colin Tait for four decades of his teaching, expert writings, and service to the law profession.

The professor’s story and commitment are wonderful. The tree planting and the type of tree also caught my interest.

University of Connecticut School of Law SealThe newly planted tree, a white oak, alludes to UConn’s seal, and of course Connecticut’s state tree, so it’s a gift with perfect symbolism. The school seal has oak leaves and acorns in its center, with the name of the University and School of Law as a border around it.

A plaque placed near the tree states, “Quercus Alba (White Oak) Planted in honor of Professor of Law Emeritus COLIN C. TAIT In appreciation of his extraordinary service to the Law School and the legal community for over four decades. Dedicated on June 19, 2014.”

The white oak is known for its strength and longevity, so the gift certainly will be as stalwart as this professor has been.

The professor’s former students and colleagues attended the event between Chase and Hosmer Halls on the School of Law campus amid applause, handshakes, smiles, hugs, and conversations.

Handbook of Connecticut Evidence

Professor Tait also is very well known for his “Handbook of Connecticut Evidence,” the go-to reference book for trial lawyers starting in the 1970s to 1999, according to the Connecticut Law Tribune.

The book is described this way on Amazon, “Known for its incisive analysis of the intricacies of the state’s evidence rules and unparalleled weight of authority, Tait’s Handbook was used as a basis for both the Code provisions and the Commentary, which means there’s no one more qualified than Professor Tait to provide analysis and practice strategies on vital issues…”

Another event in which Professor Tait was honored was held after the tree dedication. He was bestowed with the Publisher’s Award at the Law Tribune’s Honors Night ceremony. ‘Each year, the Connecticut Law Tribune recognizes members of the legal community for their service to the profession and for their pro bono efforts.’

The occasion was also tweeted by the UConn Law School.

 src=University of Connecticut Law School - tweet

The professor started at UConn School of Law in 1966 when it was a much smaller, unheard of school located in West Hartford. Since its earlier beginnings, the school grew, and had a lot more going for it by the time the professor retired in 1999. Of course, 15 years later than that, the school has had many success stories of its graduates.

Successful Graduates

On the UConn School of Law site, a section called Successful Graduates points out that, “Graduates have served in the highest courts in Connecticut, including sitting justices of the Connecticut Supreme and Appellate courts, as well as in many other courts throughout the system. Graduates hold positions in corporations, as general counsels, intellectual property lawyers, and others, at some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations…”

Professor Emeritus Tait

The professor has made his mark on the field of law and teaching at UConn School of Law. On the School of Law’s tree dedication Facebook posting, there were a couple of comments. One remarked that other lawyers have benefitted from the professor’s work. Another said what a nice person he is.

According to the Connecticut Law Tribune article, the professor was a man who would ride his bike to work. He helped with a summer camp in the off-season, played tennis and squash, and loved the outdoors.

There’s mention of the professor being a “long-time champion of the environment,” in a posting about the tree dedication on the UConn School of Law site. He was the School of Law’s first professor of environmental law and was involved in campus beautification.

Congratulations to Professor Emeritus Tait for being recognized for his impact on the field of law and for his work at the UConn School of Law. Students, graduates, and alumni are sure to have great inspiration every time they walk by the professor’s tree!

Our Connection to the UConn School of Law

Alumni can recognize their own fine achievements. Church Hill Classics is a partner with the UConn Co-op School of Law, and by visiting online or in person, you will find the frame of your choice to proudly display your diploma. Our diploma frames are made in the USA and feature the law school seal.

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