Rally to Restore Sanity – I was There!

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by Christopher Morse, a senior at Western Connecticut State University and currently a marketing intern here at Church Hill Classics.



Rally to Restore Sanity poster

What happens when a large number of people come together in a crowd? Usually people start to get anxious, angry, and even aggressive. I have been to concerts that have had a few thousand or even a few hundred people lumped together in a small space. I have witnessed firsthand how someone simply walking through a crowd can result in name calling and animosity. So what happens when 215,000 people are together shoulder to shoulder? Well, on Saturday October 30, in Washington D.C. sanity happened.


I have certainly never seen 215,000 people before, but on any scale, I have never seen such a diverse crowd. Everyone from babies being pushed in strollers to senior citizens and everyone in between were all there, all “rallying for sanity.” But more importantly was this crowd’s attitude. Literally everyone that I saw was having a good time, in a good mood, and getting along with all of the 215,000 around them. Nearly a quarter of a million people were packed into a small area, but there were “0” altercations or problems.


Rally to Restore Sanity at the mall in Washington D.C.

But, what were all these people there for? What exactly is a “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear”? Well, there was no exact definition, but one of the overall messages of the rally was that it shouldn’t always be the loudest, most extreme voice that gets heard. Sometimes calm, moderate people may also have opinion. And the point of the rally may have just been to show people that they are not alone in feeling alienated by all of the “insane” shouting and accusations that go on in our political process.

Hosted by comedian Jon Stewart, the rally was mostly filled with light-hearted comedy that allowed all of these sane people to have a few laughs at some of the more “insane” and loud individuals, but also to laugh at ourselves. Co-host Stephen Colbert used satire to promote his “Rally to Restore Fear,” which is poking fun at how many politicians and news pundits are making somewhat ridiculous claims just to be heard.

The Rally to Restore Sanity, was a lot of fun, a lot of great music, and a lot of laughs. However Stewart’s final speech was somewhat proactive in that it called for all these sane people to focus on the issues that really matter to them, and not just automatically listen to the loudest voice shouting the craziest claim. So, 215,000 people (myself included) and millions more watching around the world took this message to heart. Seeing all these concurring people – I felt a sense of sanity restored!
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