March Madness 2012 – What does your bracket look like?

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Written by: Katie Gargano, 2011-2012 Church Hill Classics Marketing Intern

March MadnessFor all you die hard basketball fans, this is a month of extreme thrills and chills! It’s March Madness time! This year, it begins on Tuesday, March 13, 2012, and ends on Monday April 2, 2012. For people like me that don’t follow March Madness, let me inform you of my basic research on what it’s all about. March Madness is tournament of college (NCAA) basketball teams. There are 67 games that are played, with 64 teams participating from each part of the country – south, north, east, and west. It’s a single-elimination college basketball tournament held each spring, and these tournaments determine the national champions of college basketball. I am sure most of you have your brackets filled out and can’t wait for the games to start.

There are endless articles written about March Madness and people’s predictions for their brackets. I found this Huffington Post Sports article interesting. In this article, it talks about Obama’s final four. He predicts Kentucky, UNC, Ohio State and Missouri to be in the final four. Who do you think will be in the Final Four?

Another interesting website I found was Bleacher Report which has a lot of interesting articles on their website about March Madness. A few articles that I found fascinating were: Top 10 Games to Watch in the First Round, Top 25 Players to Watch in March Madness, and Top 10 Most Classic Moments in March Madness History.

For you busy people out there that can’t watch the game on your television, you don’t need to worry. You are able to watch these games on your computer, iPhone, Android or tablet by signing up for March Madness Live for only $3.99.

Let the games begin! What does your bracket look like?

March Madness


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