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From a snow covered mountain range, to a tropical island, to a busy highway; a nice landscape can be found just  width=about anywhere. Photographing landscapes can be quite different than photographing people; therefore these tips will help you take breathtaking scenic pictures that are unlike other photographs you often take.

1. Be creative! As a photographer, it is your job to find beauty in any environment. Pick something interesting that catches the eye. Even if there is a specific object that stands out, it is important to make sure the whole picture is compelling.

2. Don’t always stick with trying to get the subject in the center of the photograph. A more dynamic and interesting picture can be made from an off-centered photo.

3. Stay distant, not so close up! In order to get as close to a 360 degree image of the subject, it is important to keep some distance between you (the photographer) and the subject. Backing away from the subject allows the camera’s lens to take more of the scene. To really make the landscape unique, you need to make sure the  width=picture is shot significantly further than how you would take a portrait.

4. Consider panoramic shots. Many digital cameras offer this option. A panoramic image is a series of photos that are digitally stitched together to form one wide angle.

5. When outdoors, still use the flash! When the sun is too bright, it can create shadows and turn the subject dark. The flash brightens up objects and makes them stand out by eliminating unwanted shadows.


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