Activities for College Colors Day – September 2nd

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With College Colors Day here, it’s important to know what to do on this day in addition to wearing your favorite college’s colors.*

At Church Hill Classics, a recent company newsletter had information about College Colors Day, as well as a couple of activities the company as a whole will be participating in.

Since “college and pizza do go hand-in-hand,” according to our newsletter, “CHC is bringing in a pizza lunch for everyone to enjoy!”

 height=In addition, “CHC will be crowning someone with ‘The Most Spirited Award’.” So, the person who best represents their favorite college with the most spirited attire will win a gift card!

A Photo Contest was also planned, but because of Hurricane Irene’s timing, employees were more focused on preparing for the hurricane and its aftermath than on searching through photos. It’s an activity for next year though.

You can find other ways to participate in College Colors Day at this link: Some of the ideas include:

• “Have your CEO/HR executive declare it College Colors Day for your company on September 2, 2011 by stating that all employees should wear apparel of their favorite college throughout the day of Friday, September 2, 2011.”

• “Publicize College Colors Day internally:
o Notice or logo in employee newsletter
o Notice or logo in employee blog
o Notice or logo posted on company website”
In the Office
• “Prepare a list of where employees attended college and send it around for fun.”
• “Have a college karaoke contest where team members sing their fight songs.”
• “Prepare a college trivia contest with sports and college traditions-related questions and send it around the team.”
In the Community
• “Contact your local or state Chamber of Commerce, industry professional organization, or community organization and ask them to promote College Colors Day to all their members through email notices encouraging member businesses to participate.”
• “Use College Colors Day as a community outreach opportunity to talk about careers at your company with a local school or bring local school children to your facility to talk about the importance of pursuing higher education.”

It will definitely create conversation when we see which college colors are worn. I have a feeling that Western Connecticut State University (WestConn) will be the most popular here. We’ll see…

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