9/11 Motorcycle Ride

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The anniversary of 9/11 is here again. It’s the 12th anniversary, and time has not diminished the remembrance due to the victims of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in NYC, the Pentagon, passengers on the planes, and the first responders.

A tribute to 9/11 was held in Connecticut this past Sunday, a beautiful sunny September day with blue skies, which is reminiscent of how it was that day in 2001. As I drove to do some errands, I hadn’t known that thousands of motorcyclists were going to be driving through 11 towns for a total of 60 miles – as they have since September 30, 2001, to bring attention once again to the victims lost, and to the fire fighters, law enforcement, EMS, first responders and the military.

9/11 Tribute Motorcycle Ride in Connecticut
The CT United Motorcycle Ride coming up Route 25 in Monroe

It’s called The CT United Ride. All motorcyclists were welcome and were asked to wear their flags, and they did. According to The CT United Ride website, this is New England’s largest charity motorcycle ride, and the state’s biggest 9/11 tribute. This event is sponsored by the Connecticut State Fire Fighters – the UPFFA of Connecticut. All money raised goes to the family emergency relief funds for CT Police Officers, CT Fire Fighters and two local United Ways.

In each town and city, the local fire department hang American flags over the route and riders and spectators were encouraged to wear red, white, and blue.

Before learning all this, as I passed by Pepper Street, where Church Hill Classics/diplomaframe.com is located, and made my way along Route 25 to Chaves Bakery to get rye bread and brownies for my father, and a cupcake for my niece, I noticed people sitting on their lawn chairs right near the road. Yes, it was a lovely day, but it gave me pause. What was happening? Why would so many individuals be taking the time to people-watch?

When I made my purchases, I drove back the way I came. More people were gathering in different spots along the road. Some had US flags. Some people were sitting. Others were standing.

9/11 Tribute Motorcycle Ride in ConnecticutMy next stop was Mason’s Farm Market in Monroe. I started choosing my Connecticut-grown tomatoes, corn on the cob, and zucchini. I casually asked the man at the register if he knew what was happening. Why were people gathering alongside the road? He knew! It’s the motorcycles, he said. What? The motorcycles are riding in memory of 9/11.

After I got home, I heard the alarm coming from the Botsford Fire Rescue on Main Street in Newtown, around 12:50 p.m. I knew that the motorcycles must be here. I immediately walked over to Route 25, and stayed about 30 minutes to watch along with others, some waving flags and some, like me, just waving a hand as the many motorcycles proceeded down the road, going from Newtown into Monroe, and to ultimately finish up at Seaside Park in Bridgeport.

A fantastic tribute!

We are proud to be Americans. Proud to live in this country and support each other, especially when times are hard. We are passionate about our sports, and get excited hearing the National Anthem at an athletic event. Plus, we love American-made products, and always remember our accomplishments and look forward to ever better times ahead.

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