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Choosing to frame your diploma, or any meaningful document, is an important decision. Framing a loved one's achievement is the perfect way to let them know how proud you are of their success -- it allows them to protect, professionally display, and show off their diploma!

To protect a valuable document, you need to consider not only frame design, but also frame quality and features. Professional-quality diploma framing will guard against incidental damage from handling, and provide a long-term environment that will maintain your document's appearance.

To prevent discoloration, brittleness, cracking of your document, your diploma frame should include museum-quality matting, backing and mounting materials. Frames that contain a fiberboard or cardboard back are inherently unstable and "out-gas"--this means they give off harmful pollutants that will damage your diploma over time. Even when there is a high quality "middle" board in direct contact with your document, "out-gassing" from cardboard or fiberboard leaches across surfaces. If you have ever opened an old frame and found a very brittle, discolored piece of art, this is the result of poor-quality framing, where the document shows the effects of acidity and out-gassing over time.

It is best to place your diploma in a controlled environment, away from extreme heat and humidity, so never use the attic as a storage place for valuable documents. It is best to hang the framed diploma on a wall away from direct sunlight. In the event that there is direct sun exposure, consider upgrading to a UV filtering glass to further protect against light damage to the document.