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“Why are diploma frames so expensive?” It’s a question we at Church Hill Classics hear quite often. You could purchase a flimsy $10 frame at your local art supply store. You could even try your hand at constructing a DIY diploma frame. But why would you put a priceless document at risk?

Take a moment to consider how much your diploma is worth. A four-year degree = hundreds of thousands of dollars + years of family sacrifices + countless hours studying + timeless memories. Think about all of the time, money, and energy that went into earning that piece of paper. Why would you let it fade, crack, and disintegrate in an inexpensive diploma frame from the dollar store? Your credentials deserve the very best diploma frame

How much does it actually cost to frame a diploma? We uncover why diploma frames are so expensive. We delve into the general cost to frame a diploma and answer it all.

That Paper Is Worth $150,000 or More!

A college diploma is one of the most expensive and valuable credentials you’ll ever earn. In fact, it’s printed on one of the most fragile materials. Paper can easily tear, crease, stain, and decompose due to improper handling or storage. Remember, water and oils are paper’s worst enemy.

Keeping your degree in its original diploma holder or rolled up in its cardboard mailing tube won’t keep it safe. Acids from these storage materials can eat away at the cellulose in your document. The paper will turn yellow, become brittle, and eventually crack.

So, why are diploma frames so expensive? Because they’re crafted to protect one of the most important and fragile documents you’ll receive in your lifetime!

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What Goes into Making the Best Diploma Frames?

We don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to our custom-made, college degree frames. At Church Hill Classics, we offer superior materials and stand behind every frame we make. Delivering awesomeness to our customers every single time is our #1 priority.

You can trust Church Hill Classics’ products to keep your achievements safe and pristine. Just how did we become the leaders in our industry?

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1.) Each USA-Made Degree Frame is Built by Hand.

Custom framing is a rich, historic American tradition that we take very seriously. Boxes of pre-assembled frames don’t exist at Church Hill Classics. Nothing is mass-produced here in our Connecticut facility, every frame is made according to your specifications. Need a double diploma frame? A degree frame featuring a college campus photo, or a diploma frame with tassel holder? We can craft any custom design that you have in mind.

Our in-house team of master framers and skilled artisans cut, measure, and join every moulding. They measure and hand-cut each piece of glass. They emboss official logos and school names in gold or silver foil with expert precision. Next, technicians with decades of experience carefully assemble each frame by hand. Then our team cleans and thoroughly inspects every framing component. We’ll never sacrifice quality for speed.

We start building your frame as soon as your order comes in. We carefully craft it from start to finish, just the way you ordered it. It’s how we deliver the very best diploma frame to our customers. It’s why we can guarantee 100% happiness with their purchase.

2.) We Provide Superior Document Protection.

The only way to protect a priceless document from acid, mold, and insect damage? Safeguard it in a protective frame offering museum-worthy matting, backing, and mounting materials. One that meets the stringent Library of Congress standards for document preservation.

You won’t find that level of diploma protection at your local craft store. Trendy, online companies claiming to be framing experts don’t offer that protection either. The cardboard backings found on standard frames are notorious for yellowing, fading, and promoting mildew on documents. Our precision-cut mats are acid-free, lignin-free, and have a pure white bevel that won’t discolor over time.

The long-term preservation and protection of your college degree is always top of mind for us at Church Hill Classics. It’s the reason we would never ask customers to send a valuable diplomas in the mail! Why would you risk damaging or losing a piece of paper that’s worth thousands of dollars?

All of our frames feature easy-open backs that make inserting your diploma easy and foolproof! We even provide archival tape along with simple step-by-step instructions for assembling and hanging your custom diploma frame. You’ve likely heard that quality products take time. The fine craftsmanship put into each and every frame is part of the diploma framing cost.

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3.) Your Diploma Won’t Fade.

What else won’t you find at your local hobby shop? Frame glass with proper glazing designed to protect your diploma from harmful ultraviolet light. “Glazing” refers to the coating on your picture frame glass and the level of sun protection it offers to your document.

The most popular type of glazing is clear standard glass. Glass offers 45% UV blocking, is relatively inexpensive, and will not scratch easily. Clear standard glass is ideal for frames that are displayed out of direct sunlight. In addition to standard glass, Church Hill Classics offers glass option upgrades for the ultimate protection of your document or diploma:

  • Conservation UV Protection glazing blocks up to 99% of UV light
  • UV Protection and Reflection Control block up to 99% of UV light and reduce glare and reflections on the glass

Light exposure can cause fading, decaying cellulose, and chemical alterations to paper and inks. Once light damage occurs, it can never be reversed. Keeping your diploma under our glass will protect it from moisture, heat, insects, and airborne pollutants.

The cost to frame a diploma is truly up to your needs. When you opt for additional protection like UV upgrades, you’re also investing in the peace of mind. Your priceless document will be protected for decades to come.

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4.) We Sell Officially Licensed Diploma Frames.

When you purchase a Church Hill Classics diploma frame bearing your school’s name, you’re buying a licensed product. Licensing means you can proudly display your college’s official seal, branded wordmarks, and athletic logos. Local frame shops typically don’t have permission to sell frames embossed with the official name and seal of an institution.

Plus, you can be assured that you’re choosing a superior graduation frame. All authorized merchandise is reviewed for quality workmanship. Licensed companies are carefully screened and evaluated for their customer service and responsiveness.

All products must be in compliance with each school’s specific brand identity standards. That’s why buying licensed merchandise ensures that any items bearing school marks are of the highest quality. They are products the university has specifically chosen to be identified with its brand.

Most importantly, purchasing an officially licensed degree frame helps support your college or university. A portion of the money from each diploma frame sale is returned to the school’s college store or alumni organization. Licensing fees that come from the purchase of licensed products generally help fund academic scholarships and athletic programs at the universities. So, buying officially licensed frames benefits the university the customer loves rather than an unlicensed competitor.

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5.) We Offer Solid Hardwood Frame Mouldings.

Our premium diploma frame mouldings aren’t made with imitation wood. Nor do we construct low-end plastic frames, like those found at hobby shops. Ours are made of solid hardwood from reforested sources that are carefully monitored by government agencies. In fact, all of our frames are produced from renewable woods that are grown and harvested using environmentally responsible practices.

Church Hill Classics is dedicated to environmental conservation and promoting global forestation efforts. It’s why we only purchase moulding from vendors who are committed to responsible forestry and regular replanting. We even offer a selection of frame mouldings that are made with 100% recycled American wood. Church Hill Classics is dedicated to environmentally friendly practices and has a superior EcoVadis rating. We are compliant with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s rules and regulations.

Whether it’s our hardwood mouldings, our glass selection, or our matting and backing materials, we use only the best. You can be sure your diploma will be preserved with the utmost care while it’s being displayed. With a Certified Picture Framer on staff, our museum-grade materials are carefully selected. Our diploma framing procedures adhere to the guidelines of the Professional Picture Framers Association.

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6.) Our Graduation Frames Deliver ‘WOW!’ Moments.

We’re not just building frames here at Church Hill Classics, we’re crafting impactful customer experiences. During the height of graduation season we’re busy cutting glass, joining frame mouldings, embossing mats, and packing up orders. But we never lose sight of what an important time this is for our customers and their loved ones.

Our goal is to deliver more than our customers expect, something even better than they imagine. Huge smiles, tears of joy, and a surge of pride all wrapped up into one big “WOW!” moment. We aim to deliver awesomeness from our little town in New England to customers across the USA. We know our customers will be wowed by the finished product. In fact, we guarantee it!

How Much Does It Cost to Frame a Diploma?

When it comes down to it, college education isn’t expensive, it’s priceless. That’s why it’s critical to protect the investment you’ve made in your future. We pride ourselves on our high standards and our business ethics. We deliver only the very best diploma frames to our customers.

How much to frame a diploma depends on customizations you may want. We carry affordable diploma frames in a range of price points. Our handcrafted, officially licensed diploma frames are made from premium materials. They’ll safeguard your valuable credentials like no other, guaranteed! With multiple framing and moulding customizations available, the diploma framing cost is still flexible to meet many budgets.

You can trust our frame experts to help deliver your very own “WOW” moment. Shop for your official Church Hill Classics diploma frame today for a truly unique graduation gift!

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