Selecting the Right Diploma Frame…Now Is the time!

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Congratulations on your graduation! This is a special, happy, important time to share with family and friends. Whether you have recently graduated or not though, as an alumnus or alumna, you realize that now’s the time to protect and show off your hard-earned diploma by framing it. The question is…how do you select the right frame?

Happy graduate with diploma

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Here’s a little extra education to help you with your diploma frame decision-making. Four categories come to mind:
1. Document Protection
2. Mat Choices
3. Frame Moulding Design
4. Medallion vs. Embossed School Seals

Document Protection

You will want a frame that protects your diploma through the years to prevent discoloration, brittleness, or cracking. Museum-quality document protection, a feature of our premium frames, offers conservation quality matting, backing, and mounting materials.
This includes lignin-free materials, which means that the matting will not become acidic over time. This is the way to go. All of our frames feature acid-free matting and backing materials. We have all seen how old newspaper turns yellow, brittle and cracks over time. Be sure your diploma is safely encased in acid-free and lignin-free materials to avoid the same fate for your diploma.

Each frame comes with standard glass, and there also are glass upgrade options available for added document protection: reflection control, conservation UV protection, and conservation UV and reflection control. You choose the glass that meets your needs. For frames with documents larger than 12”x16”, plexiglass is used (better protection when being shipped).

Mat Choices

Of course, there are lots of mat colors available, but maybe you would be happiest with just a simple black outer mat and a gold or silver inner mat, an option for all of our frames. Or how about a school color outer or inner mat? For instance, “red” is an important color for Arkansas State University, so a popular frame for new graduates and alumni features a red outer mat. It’s a great way to show school pride!

When going to your school’s Design Your Frame page, and looking at your school’s frames, you’ll see that another option involves the matting texture. Your choices are standard, suede, or linen mats. All will help safely protect your diploma from the elements.

standard suede linen

 Frame Moulding Design

Are you a traditional or contemporary type? Do you like shine or is non-glossy your preference? There’s also the finish of the frame – black, cherry, chestnut, espresso, mahogany, or walnut are among the main selections offered. Which works for you? Check out the closeup images of the frames!

One of the most popular choices is our Gallery frame which is crafted of solid hardwood with a high gloss cherry lacquer finish and an inner gold lip.

Another idea is our 100% recycled American wood frames, which have the look, feel, and presentation of our hardwood frame mouldings.

Medallion vs. Embossed school seals

Last, but not least, you should know that when we get permission from a school to use their seal, we enhance the diploma frame by creating a medallion or an embossed version of the seal.

Your medallion choices are: Masterpiece (with enameling; sometimes without), Gold Engraved, Silver Engraved, Spirit, Heirloom in navy/gold or black/gold.

Your embossing choices include the traditional and popular gold or silver foil. We also have black or navy embossing, plus our Winning Colors line of colorful options – red, orange, yellow, green, and navy.

It’s all about your preference.

Trinity College Masterpiece Medallion seal Kent State University Gold Engraved Medallion seal Georgia Institute of Technology Silver Engraved Medallion seal The University of Rhode Island Spirit Medallion logo
Trinity College
Masterpiece Medallion
Kent State University

Gold Engraved Medallion

The Georgia Institute of Technology
Silver Engraved Medallion
The University of Rhode Island Spirit Medallion

So, by framing your diploma with museum-quality matting and backing materials, you will protect it. By choosing a frame moulding, whether hardwood or 100% recycled wood, and a custom medallion or embossing of your school seal, you’ll have a standout frame to showcase your diploma in your style.

Does this information make your diploma frame decision-making easier for you? Now you just need to search for your college or university to view a variety of different styles. Or get in touch with Customer Service to ask questions about selecting the right frame for you (or someone you know)!

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