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Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, think about your college bucket list. What challenges, goals, or traditions do you want to undertake before college graduation? You may be weeks away from graduation. Are you still thinking about taking on that one school tradition you never managed to do on your college bucket list? Or take photos of people who have made a difference in your life? Now’s the time, even if you’re a graduating senior to tackle that bucket list college adventure!

You may be concluding your freshman year and know of certain classes you want to take in the years before graduating. Maybe you want to learn a new language or write for a campus publication. Perhaps there are activities or clubs you want to join or sporting events you want to attend. Is there something that not only you, but many other students would want to try?

Before you graduate, think about what you want to do before leaving campus and stepping out into the working world. Find inspiration in these students’ college bucket list ideas.

1.) Getting Job Experience

“I want to get a co-op job to complete FIT’s unique Pro-Track co-op program, gaining valuable workplace experience and connecting with industry leaders in mechanical engineering.”—Adam, junior at Florida Institute of Technology

“Since it’s my last semester, I would like to take advantage of any resume-building events that WestConn has. Any skills that I can obtain during my last semester will make me a more competitive candidate in the job market.” —Tyler, senior at Western Connecticut State University

High on your senior year bucket list has to be securing a full-time job. After all, it’s truly the end goal of your college experience. It’s important to start building your resume while in college. Reach out to the guidance department for assistance. Your college’s career center will prove invaluable for job opportunities.

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2.) Carrying Out College Traditions

“I want to watch the sunrise on Horsebarn Hill [a farm located on the UCONN campus in Storrs, Connecticut]. The Hill is special because it’s very scenic and pretty. And that’s where the cows and animals are.” —Natalie, junior at University of Connecticut

Painting the rock is a tradition [at my school], and it’s something that everyone says you must do before you graduate.” —Dara, junior at Northwestern University

“Some of the things I want to do are attend a UNC-Duke basketball game, try every restaurant on Franklin Street, and steal a brick from somewhere on campus (it’s a tradition here).” —Allie, freshman at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Unlike high school, college life comes with customs and a rich and varied history. Carrying out the school traditions of those who graduated before you is exciting. Those time-honored rituals connect you with the many alumni who stood where you are today.

3.) Performing Community Service

“The thing I want to do before I graduate is participate in a trip with my school’s Global Outreach Program, which organizes outreach trips all around the world. I want to do this because I don’t think I’ll ever have a better opportunity or time to experience a different culture and language and also make some kind of difference in the world. I think that it would be a life-changing experience.” —Bailey, freshman at Fordham University

“Before I graduate I want to go on a service break trip and do community service during one of my fall or spring breaks. It’s a great experience to meet new people, travel, and to realize how lucky you are.” —Kylie, freshman at Villanova University

Many college students join a club to perform community service. Members help build houses, serve at soup kitchens, deliver items to food shelters, and organize clothing drives. Working locally to create change is challenging and rewarding. However, if you really want to go outside your comfort zone, think globally. See the world and learn about new cultures while helping underserved communities.

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4.) Framing My Diploma

“It’s been my dream to run the Baylor Line since I was six years old, and the experience was more amazing than I ever could have imagined. My parents were Bears and so is my brother. We have a gallery wall of Baylor bachelor’s and masters degrees in our living room. I can’t wait until I can add my college diploma frame to our family wall!” —Josie, junior at Baylor University

Always willing to pull an all-nighter and study every weekend, you worked hard to earn your degree. Celebrate this amazing achievement and everything it took to get to where you are now with a custom diploma frame. Show off your school pride with an officially licensed school seal and your school logo. Best of all, purchasing a branded degree frame means you’re getting top-notch quality that’s been approved by your alma mater.

5.) Exploring the State

“One thing I would like to do before I graduate is explore Maine more than I already have. I have done a decent amount of exploring while in college. This includes living in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru and hiking Mount St. Helens in Washington. But I have spent the last four years in Maine and haven’t taken the full opportunity to explore all that it has to offer. I’m an avid hiker and intend to take a little time this semester to snowshoe and hike Maine as much as I possibly can.” —Randi, senior at The University of Maine

Don’t live in the state where you’re attending college? Then be sure to take in the local beaches, ski slopes, and historic landmarks while you have the opportunity. If you attend college in North Carolina, be sure to check out their many hot air balloon festivals. Typically held in September or October, some counties even boast nighttime balloon glows. Are you a University of Arizona or Arizona State student? You should see the Grand Canyon before you graduate.

6.) Studying Abroad

“I hope to study abroad in Italy while I am at college. It’s very beneficial for students who seek to learn more in different cultures than their own. This program helps you connect your major with studying in another country to increase your individuality and academic success.” —Victoria, freshman at University of Rhode Island

“Study abroad [in] New Zealand, because I’ve always wanted to go there ever since I saw a documentary on it in middle school.” —Lauren, junior at William & Mary

Universities offer safe and affordable opportunities to study in places other than your dorm room. Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower or see the Taj Mahal. Want to swim in the Great Barrier Reef or explore the Pyramids of Giza? Look into your college’s overseas programs. It’s a great way to earn credit while fulfilling your wanderlust.

Fulfill Your College To-Do List

Whether you’re in your first year of college or entering the final countdown for senior year, seize the day. You’ll never have another campus experience like this, so take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Think about your pre-graduation bucket list and all of the exciting things you hope to accomplish before commencement. There’s still time to achieve your goals!

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