Professional sports may be when you’re at the top of your game, but even for the youngest participants in a sport, it is very memorable. Ask any child who gets a ribbon for a horse riding event, or a trophy for playing T-ball. Ask any parent who’s there to watch. This is when a shadowbox can come in handy to capture sporting victories, as well as some fun times.

Shadowboxes can keep those early sporting memories vivid, with actual objects of the season, or a certain game, arranged together in the box. This is a great project to complete with your child during school breaks or the summer. They will enjoy helping you design the box and locate the elements, and the end result will be a great keepsake for their sporting achievements, hobbies, or a very special gift for a friend or relative.


It could be as simple as having ribbons and a few photos from a winning swimming season arranged against some decorative paper in a shadowbox. The ribbons themselves are very colorful, and eye-catching.

The ideas for the box should come from the sport or activity itself. Shadowboxes can be created for younger or older sports lovers, and for any sport, whether it’s a team sport or not. A shadowbox will be quite different for someone who loves fishing, for example, than someone who is a football player or fan.

Why not some miniature footballs, basketballs or baseballs from a local craft store to enhance a sports-themed box? A hot glue gun works well for attaching objects to your shadowbox.

Some items, especially a collectible or valuable memento, you won’t want to ruin by using glue directly on these items. So putting a baseball card in a protective cover, or placing the golf ball at the bottom of a display will keep these items visible, but safe.

For the fisherman, you might decide on some fishing lures or part of a reel to be part of a fishing shadowbox. For a golfer, including a golf ball that made a hole-in-one could be the focus, along with a score card, postcard or photo of the course or player, and a tee. Add a little green artificial turf, a greens stub, a photo of the day, some golf gloves, and maybe some old driver covers, and the shadowbox would be set. For most special interests like fishing and golf, you can make your own shadowbox or buy one pre-made too.

Shadowboxes for sports enthusiasts, filled with items of memorable sporting events, are surely a winner.

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