SHE MEANS BUSINESS – The Stuff Movies are Made of!

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Church Hill Classics is a hardworking, innovative, and competitive certified woman-owned business. Women entrepreneurs are constantly challenging the business structure. Women entrepreneurs not only create businesses, jobs, and economic growth, but they show everyone out there that risks are worth taking, even if they fail. Is this the stuff that movies are made of? Why, yes!

SHE MEANS BUSINESS is a documentary film project about women entrepreneurs created by two women. Elizabeth Dell (Producer) is a graduate of Amherst College with a Master’s from the University of California, Berkeley, and Jacqueline “Jackie” Baptist (Executive Producer) is an entrepreneur originally from Malaysia with an MBA from the University of Chicago. Their goal is to raise $200,000 by Tuesday, July 10, 2012, although this is only the beginning.  style=

Women and men all over the United States are joining together to support this documentary, but more help is needed so the filmmakers can reach their initial goal of $200,000. On the Kickstarter’s page there is a list of sponsors and advisors who believe in this documentary and want it to succeed. Some of those involved already include:

  • Janet Hanson, CEO & Founder,
  • Monica Dodi, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Women’s Venture Capital Fund
  • Mary Palmieri, Beauty Blogger, United Business Media

Church Hill Classics has made a donation to help make this film a reality because CHC supports women entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses.

SHE MEANS BUSINESS has followers on Twitter too. They created a Twitter page in the beginning of May, and within a few days, they had over 12,000 followers! Follow them on Twitter @shemeansbusines to be included in their progress, and post a tweet.

 style=Jackie and Elizabeth want their documentary to show honest, authentic stories of women entrepreneurs. The documentary will share their successes, failures, struggles, concerns, disasters, and miracles which happened to them while creating their business. Their plan is to conduct a formal in-depth interview with four to six main companies, along with five to ten interviews with venture capitalists and others.

We talked to Jackie Baptist, the executive producer, about SHE MEANS BUSINESS. She stated, “I am constantly working and surrounded by amazing women entrepreneurs that build incredible businesses. She Means Business is our effort to showcase and celebrate these women, and in doing so continue to inspire the future generation.”

Once Jackie and Elizabeth reach their goal of $200,000, it’s not the end. The $200,000 will allow them to get started on paying for a director, who is an Oscar-nominated woman. They also need to hire an editor, put some footage together, and prepare several short web pieces. A demanding part of the process is to find experts and to identify which women-operated companies they should choose for filming, based on their journeys.

This film has a universal message about struggle and success because nothing is easy or perfect. Everything in life has its ups and downs. In order for a company to grow, it needs to have some rough patches. This documentary will inspire not just women, but everyone.

Check out Kickstarter to see what it’s all about.

 style=Interested in some key facts about women entrepreneurs from the SHE MEANS BUSINESS WEBSITE? Enjoy!

  • There are 7.6 million women entrepreneurs in the United States, generating over $1.2 Trillion in revenue each year.
  • 40% of all privately owned businesses are owned by women
  • Only 1 in 5 women-owned businesses have revenue >$1 million dollars.
  • Only 3-5% of women-owned businesses get any Venture Capital funding and over 95% of all Venture Capital funding goes to companies with NO women founders.

About Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a website where people can make their ideas into reality. It’s a new way to fund creative projects. The reason people put their ideas on Kickstarter isn’t just to raise money; it is to build a community and get supporters of their project.

The creator of a project has complete control over their project’s plan, although plans have to be submitted to Kickstarter for a guidelines review. Most plans are accepted, although 25% of projects are declined.

Decisions about a project’s funding goal and deadlines for the project’s completion is made by the creators of the project. They spend weeks or months coming up with their plan for their idea, shoot their own videos, and brainstorm what rewards they want to give to their backers. Backers are the people who give them money for their idea. Essentially, they are ‘backing’ the inventor with their support and donations.

If the project succeeds and meets its goals, the idea can move forward. If the funding goal isn’t reached within that period, then the backers don’t get charged, and the project doesn’t proceed.

Kickstarter is also a good way for the project creators to see what their fans and even their non-fans think of their project.

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