A Graduation Gift Suitable for Framing

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Where does the time go? Graduation season will soon be upon us. The tears will flow and caps will fly. It is a moment to be cherished by moms, dads, and grads. The reward of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice creates memories that will last a lifetime. That’s why selecting a memorable graduation gift is so important.

It’s also an occasion when there is pressure. Not for the graduate. For the gift giver. We’re talking about gift pressure.

Don’t scoff. Gift pressure is a real thing. We’ve all been there. How do we choose the perfect gift? Where to even begin?

The perfect gift doesn’t have to be perfect. A great gift just requires great thought and great consideration.

Consider giving the wonderful gift of
a framed diploma

There are so many wonderful reasons to frame a diploma. An obvious reason is preservation. A well-framed document will be protected for decades. It will travel well. It can be displayed in a family den, professional office or vacation home. And, in the course of a lifetime, it may well end up in all three such locations.

This means the professional quality of the frame is very important. Quality ensures the diploma will stay safe and protected.  This means protection from travel and general handling. If you are going to choose a special frame for a loved one, you want to make sure the frame offers outstanding protection for the document.  The right framing company will recognize your frame as an investment and treat the creation of the frame as such. Proper materials and craftsmanship will go into the making of the frame. It’s a frame you should be proud to purchase as a gift.

You may be asking, “What can go wrong with a frame?” Plenty, if you choose to go the cheap route. Here’s just a few of the things you don’t want to see happen to a diploma over time:

  • Brittleness
  • Discoloration
  • Cracking
  • Erosion

There are ways to protect against these things.  Look for a framing company that believes in quality and craftsmanship. No quick fixes. No easy outs. This is one of the most precious gifts you’ll ever give someone. Do your homework and choose a framing company that believes in museum-quality matting. Make sure you choose a frame that has proper backing and mounting materials.

These things matter. Quality matters.

Show your new graduate how proud you are of this special lifetime achievement. This is a chance to go beyond the standard graduation gift and truly frame the moment.


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