Green Practices at Church Hill Classics

Church Hill Classics (CHC) is proud to be a company committed to conserving the environment and is an advocate of global sustainability.

WasteWise Program

Church Hill Classics is currently a member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) WasteWise Program.

WasteWise is a voluntary, EPA program that allows organizations to put into practice waste reduction systems. We are one of the approximately 1,900 partners of WasteWise, who consist of large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, state and local governments, tribes, and other institutions. Through waste reduction methods, we work towards waste prevention, recycling, and buying and manufacturing recycled content products.

Recycling and Waste Reduction Efforts

As an environmentally concerned operation, CHC is thrilled to have become a member of the EPA WasteWise Program.  It is a great addition to our other existent efforts in recycling, waste reduction, and responsible purchasing:

  • Purchase moulding from vendors that are committed to responsible forestry and regular replanting
  • Donating unused materials to organizations and local school art departments
  • Our line of "green" frames
  • Reducing needed packing materials with our SMARTbox that is 100% curbside recyclable
  • The bubble wrap we use is made with recycled compound
  • Extensive in-house recycling program of cardboard, paper, and cans
  • Invested in numerous energy-saving measures to reduce consumption and improve efficiency within our facility
  • Replaced our paper-based production system with a digitally-driven one

Frame Mouldings Made with 100% Recycled Wood

We also offer a selection of frame mouldings that are made with 100% recycled American wood. These mouldings feature the look and feel of solid wood, as well as the quality and presentation of our traditional mouldings.

Acadia Frame Moulding
Acadia - Brazilian walnut finish

Rainier - mahogany finish
Arena Frame Moulding
Arena - black matte finish
Sierra Frame Moulding
Sierra - cherry matte finish
Barnwood grey Moulding
Barnwood - gray finish
Barnwood white moulding
Barnwood - white finish
Expo Blue Moulding
Expo - blue finish
Expo Black Moulding
Expo - black finish
Expo Cherry Moulding
Expo - cherry finish
Expo Maroon moulding
Expo - maroon finish
Expo Red Moulding
Expo - red finish
Expo Gold Moulding
Expo - gold finish
Expo White Moulding
Expo - white finish
Expo Green moulding
Expo - green finish

All of our frames are produced using renewable woods harvested and grown using environmentally-responsible practices. To view the selection of recycled wood mouldings available for your college or university, please search for your school, or you can design a custom certificate frame or picture frame.