How to Flatten a Rolled Diploma

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Some colleges and universities mail diplomas home in a cardboard tube to protect the diploma from bending and getting damaged. You can frame your diploma after it’s been rolled up; just follow these easy steps to get a flattened diploma.

Steps on Flattening your Diploma

  1. Find a dry, clean hard surface like a table
  2. Carefully unroll your diploma face down on the hard surface. Then, cover your diploma with a clean cloth, napkin, or towel.
  3. Place some weight on each corner of the diploma. Paperweights would be perfect, but you can use household items (such as small books, coffee cups, salt and pepper shakers.)
  4. Place the items on each corner with cloth, napkin, or towel on top of the diploma to protect it from the weighted items.
  5. If you have a large diploma over 11” x 14,” then add weight to the center and the middle of each side to help get it to lay flat.
  6. Check on how the flattening process is going occasionally. It shouldn’t take more than 24 hours to flatten your diploma.
  7. When you remove the weights and pick up your diploma, it is done flattening when it doesn’t roll. (If the corners roll a bit, that is okay!)

Do not iron your diploma. It is not recommended to use an iron to flatten your diploma, especially since many of them are made of sensitive materials such as sheepskin or parchment paper. Your diploma could be damaged from ironing due to the heat.

Invest In A frame!

Your diploma will stay flat once it is inserted into a diploma frame.

Duquesne University Masterpiece Diploma Frame

Search for your college or university to view the different frames options available. Don’t see your school? That’s okay. You can design your own frame. Framing your diploma will preserve and protect it for a lifetime.

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