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Often, people overlook the level of glass protection in their frames for photos, certificates, diplomas, and artwork. But it’s possibly the most important material to consider in the custom framing process. Glass in the frame protects your document from dirt, dust, sun, and other harmful materials. Its purpose is safeguard your treasured certificates or images from fading or cracking over time.

Think of glass on a frame like broad spectrum sunscreen for people. People should wear sunscreen every day to protect their skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) light rays, even on cold and snowy or cloudy days. The same is true for your special documents. If the frame is displayed in a sunny area, it increases the risk of UV damage exposure.

How Does UV Light Affect Documents?

Do you remember learning in science class about UV rays? If your skin is not protected from UV rays, it can get sunburned and turn red, raw, and start peeling. In a way, the same thing starts to happen to documents exposed to the sun. The documents will turn a different color and start to fade rapidly.

Once sun damage happens to your diploma, certificate, photo, or artwork, it can never be reversed. It’s important to take precautions to avoid irreversible damage to your document. Luckily, we offer common types of glass upgrade options on all of our frames. Below is a guide for choosing the correct glass upgrade for your document’s needs.

Clear standard glass is included for most diploma and certificate frames at Church Hill Classics. Traditional glass will block 45% of harmful UV rays, so it’s safe for use in museum-quality frames.

When handcrafting certain products, we will use professional-grade plexiglass to minimize the risk of damage in transit. This is especially true for oversized frames. For example, our line of double diploma frames and triple degree frames have larger surface areas to protect, so they’re always built with plexiglass.

Keep Also called acrylic glazing, plexiglass features the same level of document protection as our standard clear glass. And, just like glass, it can also be upgraded for conservation UV and reflection control.

Glass Upgrade Options of ohio state diploma frame

Where Are The Glass Upgrades On Your Site?

Every frame created by Church Hill Classics, whether on a school, association, U.S. Military, or Create-A-Frame® page, shows glass upgrade options. So, you could may choose standard glass or acrylic glazing or upgrade the maximum document protection with our premium glazing selections. For glass upgrades, simply click on the options we offer: Conservation UV Protection or Conservation UV + Reflection Control. 

Why Is UV Protection Important for Framed Documents?

Tru Vue® is a leading glass maker. They recommend using glass that blocks 97% of UV rays to protect framed documents from sun damage. This type of glass helps prevent fading and deterioration caused by exposure to sunlight. Choosing the right glass is important to preserve the quality and appearance of your framed items.

An easy solution to protecting your document is opting for the conservation UV protective glass options. The clear standard glass is perfect for frames that are not in direct sunlight, because it still protects the document from UV rays.

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What Else Can Damage My Document?

Spending a lot of time in UV light rays isn’t the only thing that can ruin your document. Below are some of the other elements that could be harmful when documents aren’t framed with protective glass:

  • Exposure to heat and humidity
  • Moisture
  • Soiling

Along with choosing the right glass for your frame, it’s important that your frame materials are museum-quality and meet the United States Library of Congress standards. This ensures top protection for preserving your diploma, photo, or other document.

To ensure your valuable document receives the highest possible protection, make sure you select a custom frame that’s built with care and intention. Choose Church Hill Classics, a certified woman-owned business with 30+ years in the custom framing industry. A leader in the industry, each frame is built according to the Professional Picture Framers Industry with archival-quality matting, moulding, and glass materials.

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