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In most cases, you haven’t paid attention to the glass in your frames, including your photo, certificate, diploma, and other frames. However, glass is an important element of the frame because it protects your special document against dirt, dust, sun, and other harmful materials.

Think of glass on a frame like sunscreen for people. People are supposed to wear sunscreen every day to protect their skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, even on cold and snowy winter days. The same is true for your special documents. If the frame is displayed in an area that receives a lot of sunlight, it could be exposed to UV damage.

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How Does UV Light Affect Documents?

Do you remember learning in science class about UV rays? When people don’t protect themselves from UV rays, they can get sunburn; their skin can turn red, raw, and start to peel. In a way, the same thing starts to happen to documents exposed to the sun. The documents will turn a different color and start to fade rapidly.

Once sun damage happens to your diploma, certificate, photo, or artwork, it can never be reversed. It’s important to take precautions to avoid damage to your document. Luckily, we offer glass upgrade options on all of our frames. Below is a guide for choosing the correct glass upgrade for your document’s needs.

Clear standard glass is included for all frames with a document size up to 12″ x 16″. For larger documents and oversized frame styles, Plexiglass is used to minimize the risk of damage in transit. Reflection Control eliminates any glare or reflection on the glass.

Where Are The Glass Upgrades On Your Site?

Every frame created by Church Hill Classics, whether on a bookstore page or on a Create-A-Frame® page, shows glass upgrade options. So, you could receive the maximum document protection with our premium glass selections.

Bookstore Page

You may upgrade your glass in the “Upgrade Glass” drop-down menu in the Customize Your Frame section (located on the right side of product).

Create-A-Frame Page

On the Create-A-Frame® page, you can upgrade your glass by clicking on “Upgrade Glass” on the main customization menu.

selecting glass options on product page

Why Is UV Protection Important for Framed Documents?

According to Tru Vue®, a leading glass manufacturer in the framing market, a way to protect a framed document from irreversible damage from direct sunlight is by making sure the glass being used can block at least 97% of the UV rays.

An easy solution to protecting your document is opting for the UV protective glass. The clear standard glass is perfect for frames that are not in direct sunlight, because it still protects the document from UV rays.

What Else Can Damage My Document?

UV light isn’t the only thing that can ruin your document. Below are some of the other elements that could be harmful when documents aren’t framed with protective glass:

  • Exposure to heat and humidity
  • Moisture
  • Soiling

Along with choosing the right glass for your frame, it’s important that your frame materials are museum-quality and meet the Library of Congress standards. This ensures top protection for preserving your diploma, photo, or other document.

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