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A popular choice among students these days is pursuing a double major or dual degrees. It’s a trend that’s on the rise as more and more students look to combine two interests for one invaluable outcome. And, dual degrees are something that will definitely impress future employers. After all, any employee with a double diploma frame hanging on their office wall lends credence to their capabilities and instills confidence in clients and coworkers alike.

If you’re a part of this trend, congratulations, since this decision can often lead to higher earnings. Fulfilling all of the graduation requirements for either a dual degree program or a double major is no easy feat. It’s an incredible feeling of achievement, especially when you think about showcasing them both in a double degree frame. While those pursuing a double major will usually earn a single bachelor’s degree with concentrations in two fields, a dual degree is when you earn two separate degrees.

One of the many benefits of earning two degrees is that it can easily put your resume at the top of a potential employer’s “yes” pile. And knowing that your family, friends, and colleagues are doubly impressed with your academic efforts is a nice added bonus. You might even say that you earned double bragging rights, which is twice as nice!

two university of minnesota frames hanging on office wall

Displaying Your Dual Degree Achievements

Now that you’ve earned them, you might be wondering what to do with those expensive pieces of paper. Do you just leave your business administration MBA in your drawer? Thumbtack your performing arts bachelor’s and fine arts MFA to your wall? What if you graduated years ago with a bachelor of science bs (and now master of fine arts) and at this point you’ve lost your college diploma?

Think of your college degrees as your own personal marketing tools, ones that should proudly be put on display. Your academic achievements inspire confidence in potential clients. They also remind your employer and coworkers the expertise your industry typically requires. Your degrees should be proudly and prominently displayed.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to think about the #1 option for showcasing your diplomas: custom framing. Handcrafted, custom graduation frames will always be a worthwhile investment as they elevate the look of your hard-earned degrees and lend an air of sophistication. Now imagine the impact of two degrees on display in one frame, even more impressive!

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Top Five Reasons to Frame Your Double Diplomas

  1. Keep them safe. A diploma is one of the most valuable and important documents you’ll ever own. Professional framing is the best way to safeguard your degrees from mold, insects, and incidental damage, and only archival-quality frames will provide superior protection against tears, deterioration, and UV light.
  2. Avoid losing them. You’re far more likely to lose a diploma that’s still in its original tube or diploma holder. Framing it in a sturdy, high-quality, double diploma frame means it’s less likely to get lost in a move.
  3. Pride in your accomplishments. It’s not easy earning two degrees. Framed double degrees and award picture frames in your office will give you a constant visual reminder of your success.
  4. Showing off your hard work. You worked tirelessly to graduate. After all of the time, money, and energy, why would you toss your diplomas in the attic or stuff them in a messy desk drawer? Hang them up and show them off!
  5. Impress clients and instill confidence. Can you remember the last time you visited your accountant, attorney, or physician? Their framed diplomas and certificates are usually on display. They are required by law for licensed or certified professionals in many fields. However, they assure people entering the office that they’re working with a trusted professional no matter the field.

The University of Texas at Austin Double Diploma Frame

Order a Double Degree Frame for Your School

With a huge database of schools listed on our website, we make it easy to find your officially licensed double diploma frame. We’ve pre-designed frames for your alma mater, and they’re already sized to fit the exact dimensions of your associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree, no measuring required!

Don’t see a double degree frame for your school? Or, perhaps you have degrees from two different schools? No worries, you can still customize your very own double frame.

Did you earn an associate degree and what to show it off with your high school diploma? Simply choose the document size, select a vertical or horizontal orientation, add embossed insignias or medallions, and pick your mat colors and moulding style. You can add a personalized engraved nameplate or choose to have your state, class year, or field of study embossed on your double document frame.

bulletin board on wall next to double document frame

Double Frames, Not Just for Double Degrees

Our double certificate frames can be used to display many types of documents or photographs side by side. Consider the many achievements and professional awards that you can showcase in the same frame.

You could frame:

  • A bachelor’s alonside a master’s
  • An associate’s alongside a bachelor’s
  • A degree plus shcool award certificate
  • Professional membership with a photo of your group’s organization
  • Dual professional certificates or memberships
  • Industry awards
  • A degree next to a favorite college photo or artwork
  • Two photographs from your college or university
  • A company award next to an employee group photo
lousiana tech u double frame on wall

Did your company win a special community award? Display that certificate along with a group photo of your staff at the award ceremony. Did you recently open a new business? Frame your business license and a photo of the ribbon-cutting ceremony as a special way to commemorate this big achievement. Or you may want to frame your degree next to that classic “tossing of the cap” graduation photo with your lifelong friends.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to double document frames. Not only will this unify your successes in one place, but you’ll also have one larger and brilliant reminder instead of two smaller pieces. Depending on the layout of your office, a space-saving double degree frame can make displaying your achievements easier when wall space is at a premium.

Non-College Award Framing

Double document frames aren’t just for showcasing your diplomas, school awards, and college-related certificates. Our made-to-order dual certificate frames make wonderful recognition gifts for clients, employees, students, faculty, and esteemed community members.

We’ve seen more really inventive designs over the years. We’ve created custom frames for:

  • Certificates for employee excellence
  • Client appreciation gifts
  • Seminar participation certificates
  • MVP awards at sports banquets
  • High school senior achievement awards
  • Coach gifts
  • Competition awards for dance studios
  • Award with photo frames for karate students
  • Scouting certificates and achievements
  • Town hall credentials
  • Retirement gifts
  • Faculty acknowledgements
  • Recognition gifts for charitable organizations
  • Awards for fundraising donors
  • Hospital wing dedications
  • “Top Doctor” and “Best in State” award with photo

Congratulations on Your Achievement

Whatever you’re framing, be proud of your success and the fact that you’ve taken the time to acquire that knowledge and master new skills. Striving to continually learn and better ourselves is a lifetime pursuit. If you’ve received dual degrees or earned companion certificates, now is the time to stand back, reflect, and be proud. For the best double frames and custom frame design options, there’s no need to think twice, simply head over to our custom certificate frames page!

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