About Our Frames

Made in the USA

All of our diploma and document frames are made in the U.S.A. and hand-crafted at our production facility located in Connecticut. Check out a short video to see how our frames are made!

Our frames are designed with a removable back and step-by-step instructions for you to easily insert your own diploma, certificate, or document. Archival quality and acid free mounting materials are also included, allowing you to safely and easily insert your document, and ensures ease of removal should the need arise in the future.

Shop our product selection, or if you are looking for an official diploma frame, please search for your school to get started.

Frames Custom Made For You

Our frames are hand-crafted and custom made to order. We take pride in manufacturing the finest quality frames to protect and display your most important documents. Read more about our frames and how they are custom made for you.

Museum Quality Document Protection

Our premium frames feature "conservation quality" matting and backing that meet stringent Library of Congress standards for document preservation. Read more about our museum quality document protection.

Diploma Frame Styles

We sell diploma frames for over 1,500 colleges and universities. Each school features a variety of exclusive diploma frame styles: embossed, medallion, campus scene, tassel and more. View our diploma frame styles.

Frame Moulding Collection

Our frames are manufactured with high quality, solid wood mouldings, or with 100% recycled wood mouldings. Available in a variety of styles and finishes. View our frame moulding collection.

Mat Colors and Options

We offer an array of matting colors and textures to fit your framing style. Our conservation and acid free matting is individually bevel-cut for your order. View our mat colors and options.

Embossing Options

Foil embossing is available in our classic gold or silver, an exquisite black or navy, as well as our spirited Winning Colors options! View our embossing options.

Medallion Options

We offer exclusive, detailed medallions, set into jewelry quality bezel holders and inset into bevel-cut archival museum matting. View our medallion options.

Glass Options

Our frames come with standard, clear glass and we also offer upgraded options for added document protection. Find out more about our document frame glass options.

Environmental Commitment

Our company and our vendors support reforestation efforts and responsible forestry management. Read more about our sustainability initiatives.

Level-Lock Hanging System

Only Church Hill Classics offers Level-Lock™, a straight and secure hanging system! Professionally hang all of your framed documents, art, and wall decor easily. Find out more information about our Level-Lock Hanging System or order yours today!

Diploma frames are great gifts!

Diplomas are great gifts!

Our custom diploma frames are the perfect graduation gift to showcase your loved one's achievement - see for yourself!

Why Frame Your Diploma?

Find out why it's important to frame your diploma after graduation. Plus, did you know that a portion of revenue from licensed merchandise sales are returned to your school?

Get an inside look at how Church Hill Classics manufactures diploma frames!