Frida Kahlo Postage Stamp Frame

When sticking a postage stamp on an envelope, it doesn’t require much thought. But when framing a postage stamp as a tiny piece of art? Now that’s a different story! Postage stamps are delicate pieces of paper that need extra special care when being framed. Whether framing a single stamp or a sheet of stamps, specific mounting techniques must be employed and the correct tools and materials are needed, including a postage stamp frame. Here’s our guide for how to frame postage stamps.

Postage stamp frame with yellow mat and black wood on wall

Framing Stamp Art

You can certainly be imaginative when matting and framing stamps. If you frame a single stamp, it could be put in a tiny frame and be the ideal size for hanging in a dollhouse. Or, a large number of stamps could be framed together as a group or alongside artwork or treasured memorabilia.

Stamp collectors and stamp framers use a variety of tools to help protect mint-condition stamps. Or if they need to remove priority mail stamps from the top left corner of the envelope. Stamp collecting tools are essential when working with these delicate standard-sized pieces of art.

Stamp tongs, which are a flat-bladed hand tools, are used to grip stamps while keeping the delicate printed art intact. Stamp mounts, which are clear plastic sleeves with gummed backing, retain the adhesive gumminess of the stamp backings. It is the most popular method for displaying mint stamps. There’s also a special glue (an archival-quality adhesive) used on the mounts to completely keep the stamp firmly within the mount, especially for framed stamps.

Peanuts stamp in frame next to vase of flowers

Best Mounting Board Frames for Stamps

Of course, archival materials are extremely important in preserving the paper and the color of the stamps. That means using acid-free mat board, acid-free inks, and protective glass.

Framing with glass will protect the stamps from fading, as the glass limits the amount of ultraviolet light that’s allowed to pass through. An additional precaution in preserving the framed stamps is to keep them out of all-day direct sunlight. To create a custom frame for your stamp display, simply use our Create-A-Frame online framing tools to tailor the matting and moulding options to your liking.

Steps for Framing Postage Stamps

Framing postage stamps is a great way to preserve and display your stamp collection. Not only does it protect your stamps from damage, but it also allows you to showcase your collection in a beautiful and organized way. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips and tricks for framing postage stamps.

  1. Choose the right frame: When it comes to framing postage stamps, it’s important to choose the right frame. A frame with a simple design and a neutral color is usually the best option, as it won’t distract from your stamps. A black or white frame is a classic choice, but you can also choose a frame with a metallic finish for a more modern look. Or you may choose to expertly float-mount them in a shadow box frame.

  2. Use acid-free materials: When framing postage stamps, it’s important to use acid-free materials to prevent damage to your stamps. Acid-free matting and backing boards will help preserve your stamps and prevent discoloration.

  3. Do not use adhesive: Never use adhesive to mount your stamps. Adhesive can damage your stamps and decrease their value. Instead, use stamp hinges or mounts, which are designed to hold your stamps in place without causing damage.

  4. Arrange your stamps: Before you start framing your stamps, take some time to arrange them in a way that looks visually appealing. You can arrange them by color, theme, or country of origin. Try to create a balanced composition that showcases your stamps in the best possible way.

  5. Include information: If you’re framing a collection of stamps, consider including some information about the stamps. This could be the name of the country, the year the stamp was issued, or any other interesting facts about the stamp. You may choose to add an engraveable name plate with this pertinent information.

  6. Hang your frame correctly: Once you have framed your stamps, it’s important to hang the frame correctly. Make sure the frame is level and secure, and avoid hanging it in direct sunlight or near sources of heat or moisture. Each Church Hill Classics custom frames comes with a Level-Lock hanging system, so you can ensure your frame will lock securely in place on your wall.

In conclusion, framing postage stamps is a great way to preserve and showcase your stamp collection. By following these tips and tricks, you can create a beautiful and organized display that will be a great conversation starter for any stamp enthusiast.

Whether showcasing stamps from large envelopes or displaying stamps according to postage costs or colors, be sure to start with high-quality materials that will preserve and protect the By using the proper archival framing materials and right tools for the job, your postage stamp artwork is sure to look “first class”!

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