Varsity Letter – What to do with it?

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Have you achieved a high school varsity letter? Congratulations! Or maybe you’re still vying for one? Do you know someone who has made their varsity team and ended the season on a high note by earning a varsity letter?

Varsity Letter Sports

 style=There are a whole range of varsity letter sports out there. Among the many choices are:

  • Golf at Park City High School in Utah
  • Nordic ski team and badminton at Eden Prairie High School in Minnesota (near Minneapolis)
  • Rugby at Fairfield College Preparatory School in Connecticut
  • Oregon Ducks’ women’s tennis team at the University of Oregon
  • Central Dutch volleyball at Central College in Iowa
  • Men’s and Women’s Polo at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York

The main thing is, receiving a varsity letter is a big deal. It represents commitment, achievement, hard work and athletic ability. Receiving a varsity letter is an honor, and most schools host banquets attended by fellow athletes, coaches and parents to acknowledge these students and award their varsity letters.

Athletes have to work hard to develop their performance levels, however attaining a varsity letter isn’t necessarily all about athletic abilities. High schools and colleges have various rules attached to receiving a varsity letter.

In order for Canton Chiefs athletes on the Canton High School swim team (located in Plymouth, Michigan) to earn a varsity letter, they “must earn a minimum of 21 credits and be a member in good standing with the team (meet and practice attendance and set up requirements).”

The Varsity Letter Requirements for Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School (located in New Jersey) Raiders Spring Track & Field say that to earn a varsity letter, athletes must satisfy at least one of five requirements – basically sports ability-related. This includes (and with more detail on the site):

  1. Earning a minimum of 10 points in varsity-level competition
  2. Winning a medal in a varsity event
  3. Placing in the top six to make the finals in a varsity event
  4. Performing at least as well as the marks given for an event
  5. Having the top performance on the team

Lafayette High School in Williamsburg, Virginia, has a set of rules in achieving a varsity letter besides athletic ability. Their requirements include participating in a community service project, attending the banquet, displaying sportsmanship, and returning all athletic equipment to the school.

Once you receive your letter, what should you do with it?

After all of your hard work, it’s time to think about what you should do with your varsity letter. Leave it on your desk to collect dust? Add it to your scrapbook? Put it on a jacket or sweater? Why not frame it?

 style=Framing your varsity letter allows you to preserve it, and to show off your achievement! The other options don’t let you do both. If you receive new letter pins for different sports or seasons, you should display those as well. Each time you get a new pin, just remove the varsity letter from the frame, place your pins where you’d like, and then put your frame back up on display.

Custom Varsity Letter Frames

Our Varsity Letter Frames feature deep shadowbox mouldings to accommodate your letter and pins, and can be customized with several options. You get to choose your preferred frame moulding, the mats of your school colors, the embossed insignia (example: sports, mascots, interests), and can even add a personalized engraved plate.

Visit our Varsity Letter Frames page to search for your high school. If you do not see your school listed, let us know by emailing or you may customize your own.

Show off your achievement! It is definitely a great motivator. Who knows…your next step might be the Olympics!

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