Fair Labor Association Affiliate

Church Hill Classics makes an active effort to support fair labor and workplace standards as an affiliate of the Fair Labor Association (FLA). Our company is a Category C FLA affiliate and we are participating in the Enhanced Licensee Program and Pilot.

FLA affiliated companies make a commitment to develop a rigorous program that includes implementing the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct and monitoring to ensure that any violations are identified, addressed and corrected. Their efforts in this regard must meet FLA standards for public disclosure and long term improvement. Companies affiliated with the FLA are placed in categories based on their revenue as well as on their licensing and supply relationship with FLA universities who produce and sell materials with a collegiate logo. As an affiliate, Church Hill Classics makes a sustained corporate commitment to implement socially responsible programs generally and the FLA Code of Conduct specifically throughout their full factory base.

For more information on the Fair Labor Association, please visit their website: http://www.fairlabor.org/about-us. Click Here to view the Church Hill Classics Code of Conduct