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How Others Framed Their PKP Certificate

Frame Your Phi Kappa Phi Certificate

Whether you're a new initiate or a seasoned member, being a part of this elite honor society is quite an achievement. As a proud member, it's essential that you preserve and display your Phi Kappa Phi membership certificate for years to come! Your PKP certificate is a tangible representation of your hard work and dedication to excelling in your field of study. Therefore, it should be framed in our best-selling frame and hung where others can look at it with admiration. 

At Church Hill Classics, we believe members should be able to highlight every aspect of their time in PKP, not just their certificate! If you're looking to frame your honor stole, medallion, or Phi Kappa Phi graduation cords, you've come to the right place. Our commemorative shadow box frames are the perfect gift that allows members to highlight their regalia. Or add your mementos next to your certificate in a Stole Certificate Frame!

Display Your Phi Kappa Phi Graduation Regalia

Framing your membership certificate and regalia in a custom frame from Church Hill Classics is a fitting way to honor the time spent in your society. Our store features a large selection of framing options for every member. Each of our Phi Kappa Phi certificate frames is crafted with high-quality solid hardwood mouldings and museum-quality matting materials. They're also officially licensed and feature the Phi Kappa Phi logo above or below your certificate. 

The honor society of Phi Kappa Phi is known for its storied tradition and dedication to excellence. As a company that shares similar values, we strive to craft each frame to meet our high standard of perfection. Regardless of if you're looking to frame a proof of membership, stole, or Phi Kappa Phi cords, we guarantee your happiness with your final frame purchase!

Phi Kappa Phi Frame FAQs

Phi Kappa Phi is a prestigious honor society; a global network composed of bright college students and working professionals aimed at impacting future generations. After meeting the requirements for membership, you'll receive various benefits, resources, opportunities, and experiences to last a lifetime.
You can proudly display your PKP medallion in our Graduation Medallion Shadow Box Frame! Earning a medal for your membership is no small feat and should be commemorated.
When acknowledging their members, the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi gives members an initiation certificate. This stamp of excellence deserves to be preserved and shown off in a custom frame that captures and highlights its prestige.
With the development of our popular shadow box frames, you can proudly display any regalia from your PKP induction ceremony. Shadow boxes allow you to show off your Phi Kappa Phi stole, medallion, or graduation honor cords along with your prized certificate.
Our frames are proudly crafted with sustainably sourced solid hardwood or recycled wood mouldings. We prioritize only the highest quality woods when creating our eco-friendly products because we believe honor society members deserve the best.

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We are proud to offer Phi Kappa Phi certificate frames. All frames are handcrafted in the USA.