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Frames for Dartmouth College Graduates

From warming up around the homecoming bonfire during the New England autumn to cheering on some of the best that Dartmouth athletics has to offer at Winter Carnival, your memories as a Big Green will carry you far into your life and career. Now you get to use what you've learned during your late-night study sessions at Baker Library to propel you into your next phase of life, and we can't wait to be a part of it! 

To preserve these memories and serve as a reminder of your success, you'll want to keep your Dartmouth diploma tucked safely in a handcrafted frame and hang it for all to see. With a visible frame in your office or in the back of video calls, your employer will remember why they hired you and colleagues will be proud to welcome you to the team. We have options ranging from classic officially licensed frames to others that will showcase your diploma along with a gorgeous photo of the Dartmouth campus

Made in the USA with solid hardwood moldings and museum-quality matting materials, our frames are crafted with excellence to match the prestige of your alma mater. In fact, we guarantee your overall satisfaction with your Dartmouth diploma frame so you can shop confidently!

Displaying Dartmouth College Degrees

After Dartmouth graduation, your diploma will come in the mail, the job search will begin, and you will jumpstart your career. Be prepared to highlight this special accomplishment by choosing a frame that fits your aesthetic, lifestyle, and significant achievements. On top of our Dartmouth Best Seller, we also offer specialty frames for post-bachelor work and certain schools of study within the college. 

For example, BS graduates of Thayer School of Engineering will find frames just for them. Earners of their MBA from Tuck School of Business and alum from the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies also have custom framing options. Future patients of Geisel School of Medicine grads will feel confident trusting you as their provider after seeing your degree framed in-office. It's as simple as using the top left drop-down menu, selecting your specific school of study, and choosing your favorite Dartmouth graduate program frame. 

All frames are engraved with gold accents and feature archival-quality green linen matting to remind you of your time learning as a Greenie. The sleek lines, rich wood finishes, and timeless presentation all mirror Dartmouth's prestige as part of the Ivy League. They make a perfect gift for yourself or any recent grad to look on with pride.

Gifts for Dartmouth Alumni and Fans

In our Dartmouth gift shop, you'll find a wide range of offerings in addition to Dartmouth diploma frames. We also offer embossed photo frames for photos from commencement, with friends, or any other college memories you hold dear. 

For the unique graduate who put time and effort into decorating their cap during the busy graduation season, a cap shadow box is sure to impress. Accomplished grads may opt for a stole frame, which includes two reversible black/white museum-quality mats and custom openings for different Dartmouth graduation sash display options. If you're unsure what to gift the recipient, our eGift Cards are a quick and easy gift option that allows them to choose their favorite way to showcase their success.

Frequently Asked Questions Dartmouth College Gifts

Yes! Our popular Spirit Medallion Diploma Frame features the officially-licensed logo above your degree, as well as your embossed university title below. It also shows off the Dartmouth school colors, so you can capture your Big Green pride!
If you're not sure of the size of your degree document, it's not a problem! With each order, we consult our extensive database of diploma frame sizes. We find the size of your diploma and then craft your DC diploma frame to fit it perfectly.
You'll never need to send your valuable document in the mail to receive your Dartmouth diploma frame! Over the years, colleges often change the size and orientation of their degrees, so we've tracked and recorded those changes. Simply add your graduation year at checkout, and we do the rest!
Of course, our Dartmouth Double Document frame allows accomplished graduates like yourself to display multiple documents in one place. Instead of purchasing more than one custom frame, this frame features two spaces for both your Dartmouth MBA degree and undergraduate.

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