School Years Picture Frames — Display K-12 Photos

How Others Framed Their School Days Frames Gift

K-12 Grade Picture Frame

Your high school senior is about to graduate! Celebrate this major milestone with a grade school picture frame featuring their school portraits throughout the years. This kindergarten through 12th grade picture frame is the perfect gift for parents and grandparents of graduating high school seniors. It's a heartfelt way to capture your child's progression from their first day of elementary school to their last day of high school.

Our School Days Frame includes an engravable brass plate that you can customize with your child's name and graduation year, making for an instant family heirloom! It's a 13 opening picture frame allowing you to display your child's senior portrait in the center. We construct premium grade picture frame products right here in the USA, so you can be sure that your K-12 collage wall frame uses only the highest grade level picture frame components.