University of Massachusetts Global Diploma Frames

How Others Framed Their UMass Global Diploma

Celebrate UMass Global Commencement

Congratulations, University of Massachusetts Global graduates! From the beginning, you've been committed to receiving a quality education and learning everything there is to know to be successful in your career field. With their flexible learning options and numerous programs, students like you quickly saw UMass Global was the perfect place to accomplish their goals. After working with your academic advisor and investing hundreds of hours into your online education, it's time to receive your coveted degree.

Regardless of which University of Massachusetts Global campus you attended, celebrating graduation is a momentous occasion! On your Umass Global graduation date, you'll walk across the stage in your cap and gown and finally receive your diploma. As a reward for your hard work, consider preserving your degree in a custom diploma frame, like our UMass Global best seller! A diploma frame is a useful tool for recent grads; it allows them to preserve their expensive achievement while impressing future employers and interested colleagues. Shop our University of Massachusetts Global online store and show off your milestone achievement today!

Frame Your UMass Global Diploma

We know you invested much time, money, and dedication to earning your UMass Global diploma. That's why keeping it safe from common damages like dust, dirt, stains, and discoloration is important. Something so valuable shouldn't be left to deteriorate in a box somewhere! Neither should precious documents be stored in cheap hobby shop frames.

At Church Hill Classics, our frames are officially-licensed and crafted with only the finest of products. Frames feature solid hardwood or 100% recycled wood mouldings as well as museum-quality matting materials of various textures, and even the official UMass Global logo and school colors. 

After ordering your UMass Global gift, our team of skilled artisans and professionals will craft it by hand at our Monroe, Connecticut facility before packaging it with our Level-Lock Hanging System and having it shipped safely to your door. As industry leaders in the diploma framing business, we care deeply about the happiness of our customers and guarantee your overall satisfaction with your final purchase.

Shop Gifts for UMass Global Graduation

Whether you earned a UMass Global nursing or a UMass Global social work degree, we have frames to suit every graduate. Choose from elegant and classy to spirited and sporty frames; the opportunities are endless. For example, display your master of social work in a carefully crafted frame in your social work practice to assure your clients you're more than capable of doing your job.

 And if you can't find a frame you love in our UMass Global store, customize your own using our online Create-A-Frame design tool! Choose your moulding style and mat color and add any custom engravings or embossments. Make a frame that's truly unique to you and your personality. 

Looking for a gift for UMass Global current students? A custom photo frame is sure to make them smile and help them capture the memories of their college experience. Or are you still not sure which gift your UMass Global student would like? Send them an instant and thoughtful eGift Card from Church Hill Classics and let them choose which grad gift they'd like best!

University of Massachusetts Global FAQs

Diplomas look best when displayed where others can see them! Hang your University of Massachusetts Global degree behind the desk in your office or in a frequented hallway at work. Or, display it in a Church Hill Classics frame at home in a living space or common area. Regardless of where you choose to hang your degree, it's sure to stand out and draw eyes to your valuable accomplishment!
Yes, we certainly do sell frames for various UMG masters programs! Our frames are crafted to fit the sizes of UMass Global graduation documents, regardless of their level or degree type. Simply order your UMass Global frame and we'll make sure it's crafted to the size of your diploma before delivering it safely to your doorstep.
Congratulations, completing more than one degree program is a huge accomplishment! If you've earned more than one degree or certificate, try customizing one of our Double Document frames to store two diplomas in one place. Double Document frames allow accomplished graduates to conserve space while drawing eyes to their valuable documents.
Of course, you can still order a custom gift if you don't know your degree size! You don't need to know the size of your UMass Global diploma because we already do. We've partnered with institutions across the country to record graduation document sizes, to ensure each frame we craft perfectly fits your degree. Simply enter the year of your UMass Global commencement at the checkout and we'll take care of the rest!