Triple Document Frame

How Others Framed Their Triple Document Diploma Frame Gift

All-in-One 3 Diploma Frame

It takes a great deal of effort and dedication to earn more than one degree or professional certification. If you're a triple threat, then why not arrange your trio of credentials in a single three frame display? Instead of arranging 3 frames on wall, you can easily insert your documents into our handsome, all-in-one three diploma frame! For the legal, medical, or business professional in your life, a 3-degree frame just makes sense, allowing you to display three diplomas together or a single degree plus two awards or professional memberships. Church Hill Classics' triple certificate frame is a perfect retirement gift that your loved one or associate will treasure for a lifetime. Plus, if you want to instill confidence in employers, coworkers, and clients, your wall will be dressed to impress with the stately elegance of a triple degree frame.

How Do You Arrange 3 Diplomas?

When it comes to a Church Hill Classics' triple document frame, the combination possibilities are limitless! Display three degrees, certificates, or diplomas, or an associate's, bachelor's, and graduate degree together. There's nothing better than displaying your documents in a three degree frame that will keep them safe and protected for years to come. Design-wise, it opens up more interior decorating possibilities. For example, instead of three frames above bed or couch furniture, you can display a trio of credentials in an all-in-one frame. Best of all, it can serve as a three generation frame, showcasing your degree, a parent's degree, and grandparent's degree for a treasured family heirloom.

Triple Picture Frame FAQs

While our triple diploma frame vertical orientation is one of our best-sellers, we can definitely customize a horizontally oriented frame to suit your home or office decor. Just call our framing team toll-free at 800-477-9005, and we'll help you design the perfect frame.
Add some dramatic flair to your home or office decor by creating three horizontal rows of 3 photo frame holders.That way, instead of hanging 9 individual frames, our horizontal 3 frames in three distinct rows gives a unique gallery feel. These three frames on wall in your home are ideal for your family's accomplishments, while in an office they can display employees' credentials.
Currently, we carry individual 5x7 picture frames (3 openings not available as a triple 5x7 picture frame). However, we're more than happy to help bring your customized vision of a 5x7 triple frame to life. Simply call our customer service team toll-free at 800-477-9005, and our framing experts will help you pick mouldings, mat colors, and glass for your triple 5x7 picture frame design.