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How Others Framed Their Boy Scouts of America Gift

Frame an Eagle Scout Certificate

Congratulations, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout is the Boy Scouts of America's most prestigious honor. You planned, developed, and led a service project, honed your leadership skills, and earned several merit badges. Every rank advancement, service project, and badge earned led up to this moment— you earned it!  A commitment like this to your community and country deserves to be recognized in a custom frame that draws attention to your high rank and new Eagle Scout award. Designed to command attention and reverence, our Eagle Scout award gifts are crafted by hand in our Monroe, Connecticut facility by a team of skilled professionals. At Church Hill Classics, we're proud of our meticulous attention to detail and hold each frame in our Boy Scouts store to our high standard of excellence. In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction with your purchase of Eagle Scout merchandise!

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Customize Your Eagle Scout Frame

Hanging an Eagle Scout certificate frame serves as a constant reminder of the values and principles upheld by the BSA, and everything you've learned throughout your journey as a Scout. That's why the Eagle Scout awards gifts in our online store feature the official Eagle Scout symbol as well as the organization name and rank below your achievement. Products like our best-selling Eagle Scout award frame are crafted with solid hardwoods and museum-quality mats, to ensure an impressive display and long-lasting durability. Customize the frame for your Eagle Scout certificate with our selection of various wood mouldings. Or make your commemorative medal frame unique by engraving your name, troop number, and date of achievement below your medal.

Find the Perfect Eagle Scout Certificate Frame

Looking for the perfect gift for Eagle Scout recipients? Help them celebrate their new rank with a frame for their Eagle Scout award certificate or another of our popular Boy Scout gifts. If they earned a distinguished Eagle Scout Award, then their medal is the symbol of many years of hard work and dedication. Display this shining achievement in a custom Eagle Scout award plaque for friends, family, and fellow Scout members to see. Or if you're shopping for a loved one and don't know which Eagle Scout display frame they'd like, help them pay tribute to the legacy of scouting let them decide with an eGift Card to our Boy Scout store on!

FAQs About Eagle Scout Award Gifts

Yes, our frames proudly feature the Boy Scouts logo and are officially licensed by the BSA. The Eagle Scout logo represents your years of commitment and demonstration of Scout Spirit, so it's only right to have it highlighted beneath your certificate.
Congrats, you worked hard to finally earn a coveted Eagle Scout medallion. This honor is a physical representation of your credentials and skill set. Proudly showcase it in an Eagle Scout shadow box designed to preserve your medal for years to come; it's the quintessential Eagle Scout gift!
Eagle Scout awards are difficult accolades to earn. Therefore, your certificate should be displayed in a place where others can see it! A frequented hallway, a living room wall, or an office shelf are great places to hang your custom Church Hill Classics Eagle Scout frame.
After our expert craftsmen construct your custom frame, we ensure it's shipped safely to your door. Included with each of our Eagle Scout frames is a Level-Lock Hanging System and a list of step-by-step instructions, allowing you to hang your display case with ease!

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