Central Michigan University Degree Frames

How Others Framed Their Central Michigan Diploma

Central Michigan University Diploma Frames

Fire up, Chips! You remember Warriner Hall’s comforting chimes, the excitement of the CMU Pow Wow, how it felt to celebrate post-game victories at Marching Chips Rock, and the food, fun, and music of Gentle Friday. Rekindle that Central Spirit and frame your CMU diploma in one of our USA-made custom frames. You can even complement your diploma frame with a desk accessory featuring official CMU medallions. Hail to the Chippewa!

It’s easy to get started! Simply click on one our signature diploma frames—like the Presidential diploma display featuring CMU’s maroon and gold colors. To tailor the design of your college diploma frame, let our user-friendly custom framing online tools help you create one-of-a-kind CMU personalized diploma frames. We guarantee your satisfaction! Need a gift in a hurry? Send a Chippewa an eGift Card for immediate delivery.

Central Michigan Graduation Gift FAQs

Of course! You spent several years studying and acquiring the ability to think critically as a Central Michigan student. Earning a master's degree from Central Michigan University is no small feat; display your accomplishment on the wall for all to see in a diploma frame from Church Hill Classics!
We do! Use the drop-down menu at the top left of the screen to search for frames according to your specific Central Michigan school of study. You'll find Central Michigan University grad gifts tailored to feature the field you're passionate about!
For Central Michigan University graduates like yourself who've earned multiple diplomas or certifications, we sell Double Diploma frames. Proudly store two documents in one frame—no need to purchase multiple!
Absolutely! At Church Hill Classics, we understand how important regalia and graduation memorabilia is to Central Michigan University graduates. That's why we designed our graduation stole keepsake frame, so you can safely store your Central Michigan stole or sash with pride.
Our standard shipping method is UPS Ground. Each frame is shipped in an environmentally friendly SMARTbox package that keeps your diploma frame for Central Michigan University secure and safe from any transport-related damage. If for any reason damage to the product should occur during shipping, we will promptly replace the product.