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The only bad thing was choosing which style frame!!! I was incredibly impressed with the frame--the quality and styles to choose from. I was floored at how fast it arrived and that it came with acid free tape and all the tools and directions to hang it on the wall. This is the first of my four girls to graduate college and if I'm not totally broke, I will be coming back.
Amy C., PA

Preserving Children's Artwork

If you are a mom or dad of young children, I am sure your refrigerator is covered in those beautiful art pieces, collected over time from art classes and school projects.  Your little artists deserve to have their greatest masterpieces preserved for years to come. 


As a parent, you can treasure them always as the years go on.  Your kids will soon grow old, but now you can protect the fine art of their young, creative minds.  And what fun for your future college graduate to look back and see what they created when they were in kindergarten or elementary school...always fun memories!


Beautiful finger paintings, drawings of the family, or abstract creativity - no matter what the art medium, there are multiple ways to keep them safe for future enjoyment. 

  • frame an art piece
  • put together a collage of pieces to frame
  • turn a work of art into a poster
  • create a shadowbox of artistic work
  • scan or take pictures of art work to save digital photos, and then create projects with them.  Perfect for your home or future gifts:
    • create slideshows of artwork  
    • make a calendar 
    • transfer to fabric for a quilt or pillow


For more ideas and tips on how to creatively showcase what your little Picasso can do, check out some of these sites:


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