Level-Lock® Hanging System

Order Level-LockThe Level-Lock® Hanging System enables you to professionally hang all of your framed documents, art, and wall decor easily - it's simply the best way to hang a frame!

Whether you are hanging your diploma frame, special awards, picture frames, or artwork, hanging with Level-Lock® keeps your frames straight and locked into place. 

With Level-Lock®:
  • No Crooked Results
  • No Tedious Measurements
  • No Unnecessary Holes
  • No Careless Mistakes
  • Frames Stay Securely - Won't Tilt or Fall Down!
Watch Level-Lock Video Demo

With Level-Lock®, it's easy to align a display of multiple frames,
and create impressive arrangements for your home or office!

Diploma Frame Arrangement

The Level-Lock® Hanging System is included when you purchase a premium diploma frame from us, or your own custom frame from Design Your Frame. 

You may also ORDER the Level-Lock® Hanging System to use on your own frames. Each kit includes:  
  • Brackets
  • Markers 
  • A Level
  • Foam Tape 
  • 2 Nails
  • 2 Screws 

Follow these EASY instructions for hanging frames with Level-Lock® or watch a quick video demonstrating the Level-Lock® Hanging System.