Thank you so much for replying to me so quickly. I am relatively new to purchasing things on the web. I placed an order with your company for two reasons. The first being the superior quality of your reasonably priced diploma frames. And the second, your value of customer service.
Claire, Galesburg, Illinois

Level-Lock® Hanging System

Order Level-LockThe Level-Lock® Hanging System enables you to professionally hang all of your framed documents, art, and wall decor easily - it's simply the best way to hang a frame!

Whether you are hanging your diploma frame, special awards, picture frames, or artwork, hanging with Level-Lock keeps your frames straight and locked into place. 

With Level-Lock®:
  • No Crooked Results
  • No Tedious Measurements
  • No Unnecessary Holes
  • No Careless Mistakes
  • Frames Stay Securely - Won't Tilt or Fall Down!
Watch Level-Lock Video Demo

With Level-Lock®, it's easy to align a display of multiple frames,
and create impressive arrangements for your home or office!

Diploma Frame Arrangement

The Level-Lock® Hanging System is included when you purchase a premium diploma frame from us, or your own custom frame from Design Your Frame. 

You may also ORDER the Level-Lock® Hanging System to use on your own frames. Each kit includes:  
  • Brackets
  • Markers 
  • A Level
  • Foam Tape 
  • 2 Nails
  • 2 Screws 

Follow these EASY instructions for hanging frames with Level-Lock® or watch a quick video demonstrating the Level-Lock® Hanging System.