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I think your diploma frames are so elegant, I have one for my bachelor's and master's. I've just received my doctorate and want a frame so I can hang all the frames together in my office.
Mark, Johns Hopkins, 2002 Graduate

Glass Options for Document Frames

Each of our frames includes standard, clear glass* which blocks 45% of UV light. We also provide upgraded glass options for additional document protection.

Upgraded Glass Options

  • Reflection Control**
  • Conservation UV Protection
  • Conservation UV Protection & Reflection Control**

Pricing is based on the type of glass and document size. You can view pricing and upgrade the glass on most frames by clicking the 'Customize' tab and then choosing the 'Select Glass Upgrade' option. To get started, search for your school or institution.

You can also create a custom document frame in our Design Your Frame store, which provides a 'Glass' option within the Customize Menu. 

Learn more about glass protection for document frames.

*Clear glass included for all frames with a document size up to 12" x 16". For larger documents and oversize frame styles, professional-grade plexiglass is used to minimize the risk of damage in transit.

**Please note, any glass option with Reflection Control also provides a non-glare finish on your frame. In order to minimize unwanted glare, this glass features an etched matte-like finish, and therefore does not have the crystal clear look of standard glass.

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