Common Interview Mistakes
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Common Interview Mistakes

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The diploma has been framed so the easy part can now begin, right?  Well not really. You have to find a job and ace the interview. Without much experience, it can be easy to commit some common mistakes in that first meeting with an employer.

Top Reasons for Failing an Interview

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Arriving Late Sometimes things just do not go our way and it is inevitable that we will be late. When those times arrive, have a phone number handy and call, or if you are going to be very late, reschedule. Never be late because you are not prepared.  Get directions and figure out the travel route and travel time ahead.

Dressing Inappropriately

First impressions are important - so make sure it is a good powerful impression. The most appropriate attire for an interview is conservative. Even if the work environment is business casual, a more formal look is still the way to go. A great place to find suits is at Banana Republic. Also just because you have a great suit on, don't forget the other basics: hair, nails, make-up and accessories. Women, don't bring that oversized unorganized purse, and men, if you were fixing the car the other day, then clean the grease out of your finger nails!

 Men Women 
  • Necktie should be silk with a conservation pattern
  • Dark shoes
  • Dark socks
  • Get a haircut; short hair is the best
  • Fresh shave; mustaches should be neat and trimmed
  • No beards
  • No rings other than wedding ring and college ring
  • No earrings (if you normally wear one, take it out)
  • Wear a suit with a jacket and skirt/slacks - no dresses
  • Shoes with a conservative heel
  • Conservative hosiery  (no runs!)
  • No purses - carry a briefcase
  • If you wear nail polish, use clear or a conservative color
  • Keep your makeup simple and natural
  • No more than one ring on each hand
  • One set of earrings only
More information on appropriate outfit choices can be found on

Poorly Communicating

“Shake hands, make eye contact, exude confidence, engage the person you are speaking with, and you will let the interviewer know that you are an excellent candidate for this position - before you even answer an interview question” from About Job Searching.  Interviewers want to know that they have a well-rounded candidate on their hands. In order to handle the daily responsibilities of the job, the right candidate needs to be able to communicate appropriately. This is also the way that you are selling yourself. It may be the only chance you get, and staying quiet is not the way to get noticed. Although talking too much is not a good idea either. No employer wants to hear your life story while interviewing, so try not to ramble on. There will be plenty of time for that later if you get the job.

Good communicationDo your Homework

It is important to learn as much as you can about the company you are interviewing for. This will give you the edge over the other applicants. It also shows that you are interested in the company. And obviously by researching the company you can get an idea if this company is the right one for you. includes some steps and websites to consider before researching a job.


During the entire interview, keep in mind not to say anything bad about anyone. Don’t talk poorly about previous employers, employees or anyone else that may be brought up. The only one that will end up looking bad is you. The employer may either know the people that you are talking bad about or just not want someone with a negative attitude like that working for them. The employer might figure that if you do it for one company, what would stop you from doing it to theirs.


One reason people are so nervous for interviews, is that they have no idea what to expect.  The interview is a big deal and in order to prepare properly, go over what you are going to say the night before in the mirror or in front of some friends. It will make you feel better and you will be more prepared for the tough questions.

Chewing gum, drinking, and smoking

For the three activities above, there is one answer that comes to mind: No. Spit out the gum before you get to the door. If you are concerned about your breath, have a mint handy. They dissolve fast and will not distract the employer when you are speaking. If you are on a lunch interview, skip the cocktail. Even if the interviewers are having one. It makes you look more professional to remain sober and focused. “In one Seattle University study, up to 90 percent of all executives surveyed said they'd hire a nonsmoker over a smoker if their qualifications were equal. Anyway, smoking makes you look nervous.”- from Arvie. So if you need one, have it when you are not in the view of the employer.

Desk AccessoriesRelax

You have completed everything on this list and you are ready to begin, so relax. Don’t forget to smile and behave in a friendly manner.  After all, you are the perfect person for this job, right?

Follow these guidelines and you should be sure to get the job. Once you get the job, time to decorate your office with desk accessories.

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