How Going Green is Saving Money
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How Going Green is Saving Money

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The University of South Carolina is one of the many universities that are going green in order to protect the environment and save money in return.

One of the ways that this university has been able to go green was by replacing various machines and electronics. By replacing the computer monitors with flat screen LCD monitors, the University of South Carolina has projected an annual savings of $8,000 from reduced electrical consumption. If the whole campus switches, they project a total savings of $325,466-$976,400. “Unlike standard CRT and Plasma televisions, there are no phosphors that light up, and, thus LCD panels are thin and require less power to operate. Because of the nature of LCD technology, there is no radiation emitted from the screen itself, unlike traditional televisions.” (

Interested in switching your old TV set to a new LCD set like this one from Samsung, (to the left) Check out this review from CNET to figure out which set is right for you.

The housing for the University also switched 172 washers and dryers to high efficiency front-loading washers and dryers. This change will reduce the campus’ water use by 2 million gallons annually with a projected annual savings of $19,600. The front-loading washers work by “repeatedly tumbling clothes through a small amount of water, so the water level does not need to rise to the top of the clothes as with conventional washers.” (Cross Roads Appliance) There are many different high efficiency washers and dryers out there, so before you purchase one, make sure to research which one is best for you.

The University of South Carolina has also replaced four original campus maintenance vehicles with four electric vehicles. This change has lowered the fuel and operating costs by 80% and has a projected annual savings of $16,000. Electric cars create less pollution then regular cars because they operate with an electric engine instead of a gasoline engine. “An el-ectric motor is all about magnets and magnetism: A motor uses magnets to create motion.” (How Electric Motors Work) Electric cars are just beginning to make their mark in the U.S., but until they become more accessible, hybrid cars are a great solution. The Toyota Prius Hybrid (pictured above) has a 48 mpg rating and starts at around $22,000.

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The University of South Carolina has implemented strategies that are improving the university’s energy use and helping the environment. These sustainable ways can be adopted by any person. Check out these websites for other tips on how you can do your part too and start going green:

U.S. Department of Energy

Home Energy Saver

101 Money-Saving Tips

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