Using Your Imagination in 2009

Using Your Imagination in 2009

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Courtesy of The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute

Organic-inspired Colors & Creative Decorating in a Weak Economy

There are two big thoughts that come to mind if you're thinking about painting and/or decorating your home now - the economy and the season. After all, the economy is stagnant, and besides that, it's winter, and very cold in much of the country!

Courtesy of The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute


Let's start with the season.  Winter may actually be a perfect time to plan on giving the inside of your residence, (whether an apartment, house, dorm or studio), a bit of a lift in the New Year.

Good news!  Painting during the cold winter months is totally doable. house-painting-info  says that there are no restrictions on the type of paint you use for the interior of your home as long as it’s kept warm.  Even during the winter, it’s important to ventilate the area during and after painting because of paint fumes.  You might want to hold off if it’s bitterly cold outside, so you don’t have to open your windows until the temperature moderates. 

Courtesy of The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute


According to the Paint Quality Institute, there are several ways to go with new paint colors of 2009. 

With the environment being in the news so much, it’s no wonder that colors such as “dusty purple, deep blue, bronze metallics and rosy red” symbolizing dawn or twilight, are available.

Earthtones, the colors of earth, sea or the sky, are also suggested as a way of bringing the look of nature into your home.  Another interesting piece of info from Paint Quality Institute is that environmentally friendly low-VOC paints are becoming more popular, most of all because they lack odor.    

Courtesy of The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute

One more way to go would be using colors that depict the hue of fresh fruit and vegetables.  This brings to mind “sustainable, locally grown” produce, according to the Paint Quality Institute. Color recommendations include:  “Citrus Green, Mango, Apple Red, Lemon Yellow, Pumpkin Orange”. 

Menswear” also has a place in 2009 color trends for the home.  Paint Quality Institute pointed out that more traditional colors such as, “Navy blue, leather-like brown and rich grey” will be in use. Textures, such as argyle, herringbone and pinstripes, are also taking its cue from men’s clothing styles, and finding a place as a decorative effect in the home.

Several online sites such as:
Choosing Paint Colors Made Easy, PCI Paint & Coatings Industry, and  YOLO Colorhouse ® Inside Palette all seem to agree that the trend for 2009 is for paint colors to reflect nature. 

How about decorating tips for a nation cutting back?

The current economy is a time to be more creative, according to Decorating Digest ( Even the smallest changes can make an impact, including purchasing inexpensive pieces or using items you already own.

Courtesy of The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute


Decorating Digest suggests:
"Choose one new color for your room” that can be picked up even in slipcovers or tablecloths.


Dress up a wall by adding a tight grouping of your favorite pictures.” Your chosen color can be included in the matting and moulding choices.



Additionally, here’s a condensed list of how to make changes to your residence, with some cost-effective, and worthwhile ideas. A more detailed list by “Barbara Schmidt”, an interior style consultant, “whose work has appeared in O at Home, This Old House and Renovation Style” is available by clicking on this link:
Small Design Changes, Big Impact

¤ Take an existing piece of art to a professional custom framer and update it with new matboard colors.  Make sure the matboard is made from high quality materials. 
¤ Revamp a wall by adding a grouping of your favorite pictures, but vary the width and style of the frames to add variety. It’s great way to display family photos, for instance.
¤ Make your own pillow covers or buy them pre-made at fabric stores for cost savings.
¤ Choose one wall in a room, and repaint it to change the color scheme. It’s comparatively inexpensive, and the room will look brand new.

The point is, it’s possible to make some well-thought out, decorative changes to your home even though it’s cold outside, (for many of us), and we’re dealing with a cold-hearted economy.  Nature-inspired paint colors of 2009 may be just the way to go.    

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