Congratulations Frame My Future Honorable Mentions

Congratulations Frame My Future Honorable Mentions

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Featuring Honorable Mentions 1-8

A seven-month entry period had gone by, and over 3,300 entries later...a team of "Frame My Future" Scholarship administrators had to start narrowing down the amazing work. As a member of this team, we somehow (as impossible as it might have seemed at some points) had to select 24 finalists. 

Based on extensive criteria and multiple selection stages, our "Frame My Future" Team chose a collection of 54 entries that the entire company's employees would then vote on.  As you can see from Lauren's blog below, that stage was quite the event here at Church Hill Classics, and definitely an honor to make it into the employee voting period.  Those 54 future frames represent the top 1.5% of all entries!

The 24 Finalists moved onto the next phase of public voting, and the other 30 entries have been named as the 2009 “Frame My Future” Scholarship Honorable Mentions.  To recognize our Honorable Mention students and their inspiring work, we will be featuring them on our blog over the next few weeks.  Be sure to take some time to revisit the blog these following weeks, and view their amazing entries!

Below are eight of our Honorable Mentions. Enjoy!

Kristen Altvater

In my future, I plan to graduate college and work for a company that builds devices to protect the Armed Forces. I will help design these products to ensure the safety of the men and women that risk their lives every day so we can have our freedom. I want to save their lives so they can return home safely to their families. In my future, I will be a hero to families all over the world, but they won’t know my name. 

Cassandra Bawcum

I feel like my creation reflects everything I want to be and achieve in life after college.  I want to be in advertising too, so using the collage shows off my creative side and sort of what I want to do with my career.  I want to be influential to others in my life involving family and my career. 

Vanessa Brown

For my 'Frame My Future' project I've chosen to make a collage of different situations and examples of people and children I hope to help after graduation. I am majoring in counseling, after graduation I want to spend some time as a social worker, then progress to a school counselor, after that possibly work in a family/marital counseling office. My goal, though, in all these different jobs is to help the hurting in whatever way possible, and restore their sense of hope through love and counsel. 

Carly Corbett

I believe that the past often shapes what we do in our future. As we grow and learn from experience, we make better and more informed choices. My past involves my family, close friends and a lot of hard work to earn 2 bachelor's degrees in 4 years! I know that my family will be there for me as I grow older and I aim to keep my friends along for the ride as well. As of September 2009, I will be attending Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, England in order to obtain a Masters in Publishing. I am solely responsible for financing this portion of my education, so any amount of scholarship aid would help me reach my goals of working in publishing and learning the industry on a global level. In an increasingly global world, I believe that travel and exploration of different cultures is the key to bringing peace and a better environment for all of humanity. My piece frames snapshots of my past while planning for my future. 

Jessilyn Dearborn

In the future I would like to illustrate children's books because I love to draw and I want to share with kids all of the things that I find fascinating. The picture books that I remember reading as a child have always stuck with me and I would like to have that same effect on future generations of children, showing them the parts of the world that can be the most inspiring. 

Aprylle Deasey

I love to write. It has been one of the most influential, most powerful, and most amazing things I have ever done throughout the course of my life. I write everything from novels to poems, and that's why I decided to enter a poem for this contest. This poem fits me perfectly because I am a writer, and I will publish something one day; that has always been my goal. Photography and the arts are hobbies, yes, but I am not quite so passionate about them as I am writing novels or poems. I tend to run a bit short-handed as far as drawing goes, and so I thought writing a poem to celebrate my future would be the perfect way to "frame my future". In truth, I see myself doing every single one of the things my poem describes; I will publish a novel, I will be researching in a forensics lab and I will be living with a husband, happily and comfortably. The unique structure of the poem also defines who I am as an individual today. It is how I view my future: uncertain and jarring, but solid as well. I find that the easiest way for me to write this poem was to do so creatively, and I do believe that it is unusual. I strive to be different, though, and I believe that I achieved this goal. 

Lisa Dickson

An equation for success: Opportunity. A new chapter of my life is beginning with the opportunity to go to college, further explore my interests, and pursue a career field. Knowledge. Through experiences and high school education, I am prepared for reaching new goals. Keys of the intangibles. Determined, persistent, positive, motivated, and a work ethic are all keys that I have developed, whether it is through leadership opportunities or athletics, I’ve got them. Willingness and eagerness to open the door and go for it. 

Lauren Donahue

I frame my future in medicine. Still, what I have most are my words; I feel that the English language and my use of it encompasses much of what I will do to change and improve the face of medicine, from speaking in conversations or in lectures, to writing papers. As such, I created the frame of my future- the medical symbol- through my tools of the present. I can use words to influence, persuade, console, and more; and it is in those words and their application, the strength, power, and determination, that I create my future. I will be a doctor, but I will do so much more than just gain the title. I will use this power to help people in need, and serve as a positive role model, an instrument of change, for the community. If I can frame my future using my words now, imagine what I’ll do with them once I get there. 

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