Frame My Future Honorable Mentions - Week 4
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Frame My Future Honorable Mentions - Week 4

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Featuring Honorable Mentions 24-30

We have reached the last week of Honorable Mentions featured on our blog! Below are the final seven entries that received Honorable Mention status for their outstanding entries in the "Frame My Future" Scholarship Contest 2009!

As a way to congratulate these 30 students for their hard work, and entries that were recognized from over 3,300 submissions, each will be awarded a personalized certificate with the "Frame My Future" Scholarship logo. 

All 30 will also be permanently featured on our website, on a special "Frame My Future" Scholarship 2009 Honorable Mention page. This will be posted next week, so be sure to check back for it!  

Enjoy these inspiring entries!

Emily Sidnam

The word "create" reflects what I want to continue to do in my future. The words "write" and "design" behind it give background for what I want to pour that creativity into. My dream is find a profession where I can utilize my love for writing and graphic design. The quote is one I find motivating. It reminds me to never give up. I want to persevere, in hopes that out of the many ideas that spring forth, there may arise the beautiful, inspirational ones that make it all worthwhile. 


Victoria Skillman

Frame my Future in Forensics:  It is up to the forensic scientist to put together the evidence, like putting together the pieces of a puzzle.


Emily Terlak

This piece is a self-portrait that I did in my Drawing I class in college. I believe that it represents how I will "Frame My Future." It is done in a pointillism technique- there are no drawn lines to dictate exactly what the picture is. Rather, it's a cluster of marks that suggest areas of visual interest. I feel like my education is very much the same. I think that a college experience is taking bits and fragments of every possible field that one can learn about and compounding them together to suggest a framework of how one sees the world. My goal is to become an art teacher. I've always loved art, and teaching too! As a child, I'd line up all my dolls and toys and teach them how to paint pictures- my grandparents' family room being the classroom. Now, along with attending classes, I teach park district classes that teach children how to interact with each other and how to create reflective artwork. These experiences, combined with my college education will frame my future into its fullest potential. 


Jasine Treacy

I see my life laid out before my eyes in this photograph; the city is my dormant soul waiting patiently to awake, stationary glowing lights represent my untouched potential, streams of riveting lights symbolize the many goals in life I wish to achieve, and together this simple photograph allows you to peer into the very heart of me. Photography is my way to allow you to see and feel what I do through my own eyes. And while the world is a blur of success, my goals remain in crystal clear focus. 


Elizabeth VandeSande

My drawing outlines my dreams for the future and my aspiration to make an impact on the whole world. In my post-high school education I plan to take on an art major, a marketing major, and to continue my second language with a French minor. The elements that will frame my anticipated future are represented with text on colorful ribbons. My hand holds in the center the most vibrant ribbon, conveying through what means I will make my future beneficial to the world- through advertising and design. 


Lauren Vidak 

I see my future taking me to Darfur, Sudan to help the victims of genocide.  I have been given the incredible opportunity to pursue an education, and I feel that the best way to utilize this education is by sharing it with those oppressed peoples who have not been granted the same opportunities.


Yangxue Zhou

A detailed plan of my future is hard to make. I have goals both for the tantalizing near future to the far-away later, goals that both reflect hopeful tangible achievement to envisioning a possible way of life. I have so many interests right now, it seems a shame to close myself to any one! 

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