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Leather Mats Are A Poor Choice For Your Diploma

When deciding how to frame your diploma, most people think about where they plan to hang the frame and the surrounding decor.  Since this is commonly an office, dark mat colors such as black, navy, green and maroon are the most popular choices, as are darker wood tones including mahogany, cherry, and deep walnut tones.  Since leather is a common office furniture element, we have received requests for leather-look matting to coordinate.  Unfortunately, no manufacturer has been successful in ...

History of the Medal of Honor

What is the Medal of Honor? The Medal of Honor is awarded to a person who, as a member of the United States military, evidently differentiates themselves by courage and fearlessness while going above and beyond the call of duty and at the risk of their life.  It is an award granted by the President in the name of Congress.  To receive such a highly recognizable award, the act performed is required to have clearly been one of individual valor which sets them above their comrades.  Me ...

Animation Cel Handling Requirements

Like most valuable, historical or original documents, animation cels become very sensitive and vulnerable as they age. These one-of-a-kind cartoon animation cels can be extremely valuable and irreplaceable. For that reason, keep these tips in mind when handling or caring for your animation cel. 1.  Whenever you touch the animation cel, wear clean cotton gloves.  With this type of art, fingerprints can be severely damaging.  The cotton gloves will also reduce scratches to the ink or paint ...

What to Do if you Lost your College Diploma

Lost college diplomaYour college diploma will most likely be one of the most valuable documents you will ever earn throughout your life. Have you ever thought about what would happen if you lost your diploma?

Either through an office move or a disaster such as a fire or flood, a college diploma along with other valuable documents can easily be destroyed. After all, it is only paper, but it represents so much! If this has happened to you, consider using the following tip to obtain a replacement diploma.

Tips For Float Mounting Artwork

Many people choose to "float" mount a watercolor or other artwork so that it is suspended within in the window of a mat and the paper's raw edges are visible.  This creates a very professional and unique presentation that showcases the original nature of your piece.  It is appropriate for artwork such as watercolors that are created on a heavy weight paper and will not be damaged by mounting from the back-side of the art.

Art Restoration Tips

Since the beginning of civilization, art has served humans with a decorative purpose and/or a special link to their past. Over the course of centuries, or even just a few years in adverse conditions, art can become discolored or damaged from many different factors including: humidity, improper cleaning, temperature, careless handling, poor storage conditions, previous clumsy restoration, dirt, fire, flood or even vandalism. Protect your artwork from the very beginning! Here are some tips on how to do s ...

Tips to Help Preserve Historic Documents

One of paper's biggest enemies is acid.  Acid makes paper weak and brittle and can lead to discoloration, deterioration and irreversible damage.  Other factors that affect the life of paper materials include: the manufacturing process, paper components and inks that are applied to the paper.  It is important that a safe environment be created to keep these elements from destroying your documents. To protect and preserve your historical and family documents, there are steps you can take to e ...

Choosing the Right Mat

Damage Caused by MatboardWhen framing and matting a document or piece of art, it is important to consider the value of the object being framed, and whether the piece is going to be purely decorative or if preservation is important. For decorative framing, there are many matting options available to give your piece that special touch. Some of these options include: using textured mats, such as suede, leather, or linen & fabric. Selecting a mat with a different colored core, using a metallic colored ma ...

Three Options for Showcasing Your Diploma

Once you finally earn your long-awaited college or university diploma, don't let it sit in a drawer or stay all rolled up in a tube. After all, even the tube or folder that you may use for storage is likely not acid-free - and will, in and of itself, contribute to damage over time. There are three options for showcasing your diploma. A plaque, lamination or custom framing are the choices. The safe and best choice for your diploma is custom framing.

How to Properly Display Artwork

Below are a few guidelines that if followed will help you maintain the beauty and value of your framed artwork or document: To prevent light damage, expose the art to the least amount of light possible, as direct light can cause colors to fade, change, darken or to disappear.  Light damage takes away from the beauty of a piece and can lessen its monetary value significantly if the conditions are not controlled.  Steps to prevent light damage include: never aiming artificial lights directly at ...