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The only bad thing was choosing which style frame!!! I was incredibly impressed with the frame--the quality and styles to choose from. I was floored at how fast it arrived and that it came with acid free tape and all the tools and directions to hang it on the wall. This is the first of my four girls to graduate college and if I'm not totally broke, I will be coming back.
Amy C., PA

Financial Hope for Students?

Financially, everyone knows, our country is a mess. Is there anything a student can do?  With Wall Street and the banking situation still in flux, and with the housing market in an unbelievable slump, businesses on the downturn, and unemployment up, it’s more important than ever for students to take steps to help themselves as much as possible. Making things even more tenuous for students is that now more lenders are dropping student loans. Several months before everything really fell apart, ...

Saving for College

Saving for college is a big task for parents to take on. The price of college tuition keeps rising at an overwhelming rate that can be hard for most people to keep up with. "If prices keep rising at the current rate, students who don't receive any grants will most likely pay more than $115,000 to reach graduation day. Those who do receive scholarships or other assistance will most likely pay about $87,000. Thirty years ago, when the total sticker price of a ...

Using Your Imagination in 2009

Courtesy of The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute Organic-inspired Colors & Creative Decorating in a Weak Economy There are two big thoughts that come to mind if you're thinking about painting and/or decorating your home now - the economy and the season. After all, the economy is stagnant, and besides that, it's winter, and very cold in much of the country! ...

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