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5 Colleges Working On Their Green Efforts

It's fantastic. "Green" action to help our planet is being accomplished at college campuses and in their communities all across the country.  Below are 5 schools out of many that have great ideas.  The Oberlin College Shower Drill While previous generations may have focused on recycling and environmental cleanup, students at Oberlin College want to combat global warming by figuring out ways to reduce carbon emissions in their own lives, starting with their own colleges. Oberlin's new sus ...

Sponge Mounting

If you have decorative art, invitations, birth or wedding announcements or other paper items with 3-D elements, sponge mounting is a technique that can be used before framing.  Sponge mounting will allow you to flatten the piece and remove any warping or cockling while maintaining the 3-D raised elements.  Done properly and by an experienced framer or conservator, sponge mounting can improve severe warping and allow for safe mounting and a nice framed presentation of art and items with 3-D element ...

Caught Sleeping In Your Office Cubicle

If you just recently graduated from college this past May, hopefully you have found your first entry level position, or you are busy on the search for that "perfect" job to jumpstart your career.  What a big adjustment though.  Now you must get used to a regular workweek.   The weekend no longer starts on Thursday; you can't sleep in on a Tuesday because the only thing on the agenda for the day is one class at 12:30; and even more shocking, is that you probably shouldn't stay out partying ...

Take Photos of Your Pets

Click!  Just look at your pet parrot, with its hooked beak, black eyes, and brilliant colored feathers of chartreuse green and lemony yellow.  Click!  Click!  How about your cat in a relaxing pose on a cushy chair?  Or even your pet dog, as his inquisitive face looks straight into your eyes. The thing is, nowadays, people treat their pets more and more like family members.  People are having formal pet portraits taken of their animals.   Besides that, they are na ...

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